2008 Changed Everything



The economic collapse around 2008 has had far-reaching effects on our society and others.

Students who were entering the job market at age 23 have not seen a vibrant economy at age 32.



And the jobs that are out there lack benefits and security. It’s a nasty market out there.

But the disruption in 2008 went beyond the economic collapse. Demographics changed. Baby boomers who spawned the greatest economic expansion is Western history started to retire and spend less. The engine of economic growth couldn’t be replaced by the generation that followed.

All this talk above comes about due to a recent quote from Ottawa Race Weekend director John Halvorsen about decreasing participation in this year’s event.

“Is it demographics, age, options for other events, other activities like triathlon, cycling, obstacle races? Is that our hotel pricing factors into that? Probably a little bit of all of them.”

How many times have we heard those factors coming into play in our society.

The 2008 changed a lot. Those effects continue today.


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One thought on “2008 Changed Everything

  1. More and more people are coming to realize that the future will not resemble the past.

    The indicators are there as you point out. But the politicians can only “fight the last war” and so continue with the same tired refrains. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Or we are going to make America great again. Or retraining for those who have lost their jobs to outsourcing, automation or what have you.

    We are into a new economy. We are moving from an economy of tangibles to one of intangibles. Much will change and much will have to change. Let’s hope that one or more politicians can think beyond legalizing marijuana or “fighting” climate change.

    Some people can’t see the writing on the wall until their backs are up against it. The people are increasingly aware; the politicians are stuck.


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