What About A West-End Rep Theatre?



For those movie buffs who hoped someone, somewhere would move into the old theatre space at the World Exchange Plaza, well forget it.

Klipfolio, a business dashboard maker, is occupying the old Empire Theatre space.

Good on Klipfolio and its apparent business success, but what a shame for downtown which is sorely lacking in movie-theatre space.

The most crying need for a silver screen exists in the old west end. The east end has the Bytowne Theatre for alternative movie folks, but no such rep venue exists in the downtown west end.

Ashcroft isn’t moving on its gargantuan condo development in Westboro and Les Soeurs de la Visitation convent still lies fallow.

Are there some smart people with dollars burning holes in their pockets who might take on the convent for a rep theatre. Many west-enders talk about it, but nothing happens.

The old west end offers a great market for a rep theatre and such an operation might keep pedestrian traffic in the neighbourhood past 8 p.m. when restaurant traffic slows.



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2 thoughts on “What About A West-End Rep Theatre?

  1. What’s the chance of Ashcroft letting the space go to the community for anything approaching a reasonable price?
    Any suggestions for a name if this comes to fruition? Maybe the curtain could be named after your favourite former Kitchissippi councillor since it will perpetually go back and forth.


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