How Watson Is Greeted At Amazon




Our mayor Jim Watson is off to Seattle Thursday uninvited to meet with Amazon officials about locating in Ottawa.

They have a $5-billion headquarters they’re looking to locate somewhere.

Unfortunately Ottawa doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of landing this thing, but undaunted, our intrepid mayor will be there to get some photo-ops and stories in the local media.

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 greetings Watson will receive at the front doors of Amazon in Seattle:


Top 10 Greetings For Mayor Jim Watson At The Front Door Of Amazon

10. So you’re the Mayor of Ottawa … well I’m the Janitor of Amazon;

9. Nice to meet you, Mr. Tory;

8. Weren’t you one of the Muppets?

7. You bring brownies. Waterloo brought cash;

6. Ottawa? Do we ship there?

5. Sorry the CEO is busy but here’s Billy from the mail room;

4. Please, Mr. Watson … don’t beg;

3. Hey Butch. Check this out. The delivery boy dressed up;

2. Nice gown;

1. We just bought The Bulldog.


Video above: Mayor Jim Watson hard at work.


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12 thoughts on “How Watson Is Greeted At Amazon

  1. Knock, knock, knock
    Jeff: Who is it?
    Jim: It’s me Jim. Open up man, I got the swag.

    Knock, knock, knock
    Jeff: Who is it?
    Jim: It’s me, Jim, man. Open up, I got the swag.
    Jeff: Who?
    Jim: Jim, man. Open up!
    Jeff: Jim?
    Jim: Yeah, Jim. C’mon man, open up!
    Jeff: Jim’s not here.
    Jim: No man, I’m Jim, man.
    Jeff: Who??
    Jim: J-I-M !! Will you open up the damn door?
    Jeff: Jim????
    Jim: Yeah, Jim!!!
    Jeff: Jim’s not here.

  2. Please tell me that you were joking when you say Amazon aren’t aware that Jim Watson is going to show up in the lobby @ Amazon trying to tell them how great Ottawa is.

    When I think of an inspiring person to convince me to relocate/expand my business in a major way, Jim Watson doesn’t come to mind.

      1. Thanks. My experience in dealing with the city is that if you show up at city hall unannounced and ask for a senior person in charge you invariably end up shunted to some small out-of-the-way little meeting room with a person who has little responsibility or decision-making ability and the time spent was not really worth it.

        However, I’m sure Watson will spin it in a positive light. I’d love to know who he meets with and let’s hope it is a useful exercise.

    1. There’s a relatively new policy at city hall that says when a councillor goes on a junket that’s paid for by the City, he or she has to report back to the relevant standing committee on the trip.
      Can we look forward to Watson submitting a written and verbal report on his California/Washington trip with all the details of who he met with, what was said and how it benefited the City? Presumably it would go to FEDCO and other members of the committee could question him or comment on whatever he provides. I think these reports go in as information items and so wouldn’t be open to public delegations but the media would certainly have an opportunity to ask questions.
      I’m not certain but I think the report may include financial info on the cost of the trip.


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