Top 10 Problems With Pets On Buses


Do pets vote?

That’s the only reason we could see the city allowing small pets on OC Transpo buses.

We explain this all by way of a Top-10 List:


Top 10 Problems With Letting Pets On OC Transpo

Warning: Top-10 List is Manconi-free.


10. Driver sits on scorpion;

9. Maintenance staff refuses to clean cat box;

8. Strangely, won’t let bulldogs on board;

7. Either Watson’s here or there’s a bird loose;

6. Hey Mr. Goat that’s not a carrot in my pants;

5. Are those pet roaches or just the usual ones?

4. Bus late … Hubley kept racing turtle in aisle;

3. Hubley wins best-of-five turtle races 3-2;

2. Priest boards, has revelation he’s on Noah’s Ark;

1. Anybody see the boa constrictor?


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9 thoughts on “Top 10 Problems With Pets On Buses

  1. Funny stuff Ken, the list could go on and on … but the No. 1 and only for me is … it’s just a dumb idea.


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  2. Will someone be allowed to place their pet, which will be in a cage, on the seat of the bicycle that they will be standing beside in the specially designated areas, during rush hour?


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  3. Anyone ever smelled a wet animal, let alone stand or sit by it in a closed spaced?
    If a bike is on the bus, how many seats is it blocking and what crud will you get on your clothing?

    This city is nuts


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