‘A Corrupt Gang Of Criminals And Traitors’


Liberal pundit Warren Kinsella condemns the actions of a certain government:

This is simply extraordinary. A corrupt gang of criminals and traitors now run the United States.

Which government did you think your agent was referring to?


No not that one. The U.S. federal government.

Kinsella has really been on his game lately in his wildly popular blog.

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8 thoughts on “‘A Corrupt Gang Of Criminals And Traitors’

  1. So, Warren, what do you really think about this?? They are building on the work of the Bush regime.

    Is it just me or is Warren starting to look like Mulroney in that picture? The eyebrows are wrong but the face is getting there.

  2. Kinsella is a person of low character. I witnessed something he pulled on a friend, and watched him madly block people who were critical of his tactics (me included). If I happened upon him burning in the street, I wouldn’t spit on him to put him out.

    1. Bob:

      I’d say he has some redeeming characteristics not the least of which is that he was instrumental in ending the blacklisting of The Bulldog at Ottawa City Hall.

      His blog is also interesting as his readership figures show and he gives an insiders perspective on Canadian politics.



    2. Having once politely commented on Kinsella’s blog on a photo not being appropriate to the comment he made, gee my comment was not posted. His blog, he moderates to suit and IMO this reflects on him.


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