A Disgusting Release Of Important Pothole Information


Here is the second disgustingly late release on the audit of the city pothole fiasco:

Memo – Update on the Audit of Roads Services – Contract Management


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2 thoughts on “A Disgusting Release Of Important Pothole Information

  1. Why is it that no one comments on the lack of white lane lines and
    turn lane lines etc.
    For a newcomer or visitor who has no way of
    knowing what is a lane and how and where to turn, it is a very dangerous situation. They will blame it on the winter weather however yet it’s been longer than the winter months since it’s been done. Negligence at its finest.


  2. Yet one more piece of critical information being given at the last minute.

    No mention is made of the complete road repairs that were done last summer and developed pot holes. Some regions had massive dips and dives in the pavement within a couple of weeks.

    No mention of the potholes that have not been repaired or the reason why there are so many delays and repeat repairs on the same street … (when you see five other massive holes on the street, would it not make logical sense to repair them all).

    Idiocy and ineptitude that cost us a heck of a lot.

    This city is one gigantic mess.


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