A Lame Apology, Mark Taylor



My comments about Taylor Morrow-Flint’s murder were “reported a bit out of the broader context in which I meant them.”

Bay Councillor and Deputy Mayor Mark Taylor

My words were taken out of context. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that …

Recently Taylor said of Morrow-Flint’s death, that a “consoling factor” was that the victim was known to the police.

The deputy mayor went on to say: “The underlying message here is if you don’t hang out with bad people, bad things don’t happen to you. Unless you were this individual, you probably had nothing to fear.”

Oh sure, his words were taken out of context. Of course. But that’s confusing. If those words were taken out of context, why is the councillor apologizing?

Taylor is saying he is sorry about, what he says, words that were mangled by a reporter. So what’s to apologize for? The reporter’s bad job?

There’s little doubt that Taylor said what he is reported to have said. It’s unlikely a Postmedia reporter would make that up or whatever happens when something is taken out of context … whatever that is exactly. It usually means: “I wish I hadn’t said that but seeing that I’m caught, I should blame this on the reporter to get out of it.”

That’s pretty lame and a weasel apology. What Taylor means is he didn’t say this exactly the way the reporter reported it so blame the reporter. And oh yes, he apologizes.

Here’s what big men do. They make a mistake, they say they made a mistake and they say they’re sorry. People accept that. They understand people make errors and respect someone who owns up to them.

Now Taylor owes a second apology … to the reporter.

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5 thoughts on “A Lame Apology, Mark Taylor

  1. The Bulldog’s readers should keep in mind that Councillor Mark Taylor’s remarks were not made in a spontaneous setting, such as if he was approached by a resident while the councillor was waiting to take the bus to work.

    Rather, both his initial remarks and his equally poorly crafted follow up remarks were prepared in advance. Doesn’t that speak volumes about the communication skills of the deputy mayor?


  2. If Taylor thinks he was misquoted, perhaps the appropriate thing for him to do would be to issue a statement – from his office so there’s no out-of-context possibility – setting out his opinion/feelings/reaction in relation to the death of this young man. I do note that he’s telling us he didn’t say X but not what he did say.

    He also says the reporting was “a bit out of the broader context in which I meant them.” So which “bit” was in context and which “bit” was out of context? How about a clear, unequivocal statement of what you said and what you meant, Councillor Taylor? If you don’t want to answer that now, no worries – we can ask you again when you throw your hat in the ring to run for mayor when Watson steps aside.

    Speaking of Mr Watson, I notice that he hasn’t come out either in support of or to ‘explain’ the comments of his hand-picked deputy mayor.


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