A Little Less Talk And A Little More Action, Daniel Alfredsson



So former Ottawa Senators star Daniel Alfredsson and Mayor Jim Watson think the hockey team needs a new owner.

Well that’s great.

So do something about it. Don’t stand there mouthing solutions that will never come to be. Alfredsson wants to be an owner of an NHL team someday. Great. Here’s your opportunity.

If you want to own the Senators, which lose about $10 million a year, you have to have deep pockets. Alfredsson doesn’t have deep pockets. Watson might given that he hasn’t bought lunch or dinner for about 30 years.

But if your money, Daniel, and the mayor’s money aren’t enough to loosen owner Eugene Melnyk’s grip on the Senators, then both you and Watson, with your great wealth of business knowledge, should put together a consortium of investors (say Watson’s so-called partners at Lansdowne with whom he is so tight he’ll have to get a room) and buy the team.

Don’t stand around complaining, Daniel. You want to own an NHL team, a little less conversation and a little more action (thank you, Elvis). Complaining is easy. Doing it is hard. I could have sat around complaining about the city and the disappearing state of journalism but I decided to do something about it (The Bulldog). The results are for other people to decide.

Watson will tell you how feeble I am so if someone as stupid as me can create The Bulldog, why you two could move mountains with your collective brilliance.

In other words, put up or shut up.

Melnyk put up. Surely you two can as well.


Elvis has some advice for Daniel Alfredsson and Jim Watson.



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3 thoughts on “A Little Less Talk And A Little More Action, Daniel Alfredsson

  1. Ken,
    You just came up with a solution to booting out the current power brokers. Ottawa needs to
    find a new group with money to buy out the current ones.
    Need to start a not-for-profit organization.


  2. Ken,

    I believe this whole Senators news lately has been self serving to everyone involved.

    A former reporter who wants to be relevant again with a breaking story, a former NHL hockey player who has expressed interest in getting back into hockey as an owner and a mayor who needs to always be in the news and top of mind with an election coming up. Only problem I see is the mayor doesn’t like and handle negative press very well, gives a new definition of surprise guest … doesn’t it.


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