Bulldog Ottawa reaches a very strategic market.

It is read religiously by Ottawa’s elected officials, their staff and the senior levels of the city’s approximately 17,000 employees. The City of Ottawa’s annual budget is more than $3 billion.

That’s a constituency you can’t afford to miss. Bulldog Ottawa is the only local publication that focuses on that market.

As well, local MPs, MPPs, VIPs and community and business leaders read Bulldog Ottawa in addition to the community’s important stakeholders. If your company, consulting firm or advocacy group wants to do business with the influencial politicians, businesses and stakeholders in Ottawa, you can’t afford not to be in Bulldog Ottawa. And don’t forget you get reach a broad swath of the Ottawa buying public with Bulldog Ottawa, too.

Want your name to be the first Ottawans think of when they do their purchasing? Bulldog Ottawa is the place to do it.

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