AG Releases 12 Follow-Up Audits

This is a release from the office of the auditor general:

new follow up audits


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2 thoughts on “AG Releases 12 Follow-Up Audits

  1. In my opinion the only surprise here is that people are surprised by any of this news (or pretend to be). Are there penalties in the contracts with OSEG if any of the requirements were not met and if so, what are they? Ottawa taxpayers paid handsomely for the fact provisions in the contract with Siemens were not met. So, how much money should we, the citizens, expect to receive or didn’t we learn from our previous debacles?


  2. Well,

    That was a bit of reading. I started to make notes about all that is wrong but I stopped. If management , the auditor and council are burying their heads in the sand then why should I even bother to comment. So much to fix. Things done in the past are still going wrong but hey – who cares?

    Follow-up done years after the fact that finds less than 95% compliance is wrong. The auditor did thank everyone though and that’s just wonderful, I guess.


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