AG’s Office Got Officer Release Info Wrong: Bordeleau

Below is the conversation The Bulldog had on Monday with Ottawa Police Service Chief Charles Bordeleau.


Interestingly, Bordeleau revealed that the Ontario Attorney-General’s office mistakenly released information to the CBC that Const. Daniel Montsion, charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of Abdirahman Abdi, was released at the Elgin Street OPS station. In fact, he was released at the Kanata detachment of the OPP by Special Investigations Unit officials.

In a subsequent email, the chief said the AG’s office did not misspeak.

Here’s The Bulldog’s interview with Chief Bordeleau:



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2 thoughts on “AG’s Office Got Officer Release Info Wrong: Bordeleau

  1. “…the reporter misinterpreted the information provided by the Ministry of the Attorney General…”

    There you go, it was the original reporter’s fault – period.

    That may answer the question about where the release took place but, still leaves me wondering:

    – Why the release was done without a bail hearing?
    – Why were people at the court house expecting an appearance?
    – Who made the decision to do the release?

    The SIU is not a person who can make a decision; some person authorized the release and there must be a reason behind that decision.

    I guess we are expected to assume that all was done as a standard operating procedure except some lawyers have already said that the release without a bail hearing was a bit unusual.

    Let’s hope this carries forward in a more transparent way.


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