Alex Cullen: A Spent Political Force?



The performance of the NDP’s Alex Cullen was very disappointing in Ottawa West-Nepean.

Cullen, a bit of a star candidate in these parts, actually garnered about 8,000 votes less Thursday than the NDP entry in 2011, Wendy Byrne.

This is the man who owned Bay ward on Ottawa City Council on and off for many years. Cullen was one of the loudest and longest voices on council. But he was also its hardest-working member who didn’t scan staff reports but read them in detail.

One would hope there is still a place for Cullen in the political firmament but voters might have moved on. And that would be a shame.

But the NDP with the Liberals reeling from scandal left over from the last Grit administration, had an opportunity to grow. In Ottawa West-Nepean, Cullen actually shrank the vote.

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  1. Cullen always came to council armed with a ton of research and facts to back up his position; for example, when he voted against Lansdowne Live. In the 2010 mayoral election, Cullen got off to a good start, however, Doucet’s entry into the race really ended his chances; by late August, Alex was running out of money and therefore withdrew. What would have been exciting were if O’Brien (and Haydon) had not run — then candidates like Cullen, Doucet and Maguire would have gotten a lot more media attention and put Watson under some pressure. Sadly, I agree that Alex Cullen is now a spent political force.

  2. Alex Cullen should consider returning to his roots, where he was most successful – as councillor of Bay Ward. While I find his style of politics to be more annoying than amusing (self-aggrandization wearies me), he tended to know what he was voting for or against.

    From the little I saw of Councillor Taylor this term, he appeared to be more intent on following the instructions of his former boss, Jim Watson (Taylor ran Watson’s local riding office during Watson’s less than stellar term as an MPP), than on asking pertinent questions like “Before I vote for this $2.1 billion motion, do we have the land rights for the western exit from the LRT trench, the one that is supposed to enter my ward at some ill-defined time in the future?”.

    This city desperately needs some councillors who are prepared to think before they raise their hands to vote, councillors who do not let their loyalty to Jim Watson be the determining factor on how they vote.

  3. Alex Cullen, a spent force?


    He is sooooooooooooo past his best before date.

    You may recall he ran for mayor, sorta, last time out.

    Then got his head handed to him running for city council in the ward that he, according to you, owned.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    Dan Shields, Ottawa.

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