Amazon Plans Huge East-End Ottawa Warehouse: CBC


CBC is reporting that Amazon has plans build a giant east-end warehouse that will employ about 1,000 people:

Online retail giant Amazon is set to make a major investment in Ottawa, with a warehouse that will employ roughly 1,000 people, according to two members of Parliament.

Orléans MP Andrew Leslie confirmed in an interview with CBC News that the company plans to take over a giant warehouse proposed for 5371 Boundary Rd., near Highway 417. An application submitted to the city says the facility will be over one million square feet and require 99 truck bays and more than 1,000 parking spaces.

“It will employ approximately 1,000 people, good middle class jobs, and it’s going to be a transportation hub,” said Leslie, late on Thursday. “We have been working with Amazon for a couple of months now and we are just thrilled that it’s all coming to maturation.”

Francis Drouin, MP for the adjacent riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, said it would be good for the entire region and the site is perfectly situated, with highways nearby and close to both Ottawa and Montreal.

To read the full story from the CBC, click here.


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12 thoughts on “Amazon Plans Huge East-End Ottawa Warehouse: CBC

  1. Now all the city needs to do is smarten up and build an east end bridge to and from the Quebec side. If not King Edward will be a horror show. Long overdue.

  2. After some snide comments made by yours truly asking whether or not Ottawa is a major league city, perhaps it is after all or perhaps this is at least the beginning of a bigger future. Interesting that it’s Members of Parliament who have jumped on the quotes bandwagon before anyone in city council has had an opportunity to crow. Anyway, good for Ottawa and 1,000 more jobs. Maybe the Amazon party should be running in the provincial election.

    1. Sisco:

      As of 5 p.m. on Friday and despite the fact MPs are confirming it, Mayor Jim Watson says he doesn’t know if Amazon is coming to Ottawa.

      What a load of BS. Can that man open his mouth without lying?

      I really wish Watson could come to my backyard and say that stuff. The lawn really needs fertilizing.



      1. Ken,

        I first heard of this yesterday and have been awaiting Mayor Jim Watson’s move to take credit. Although today he stated he would wait for Amazon to make the official announcement, he spent longer saying how long and hard he has been working on getting more jobs to the east end.

        Election year. You bet.

        1. Anne Marie, I think you are being very mean here.

          Can you imagine how many jobs he has created at Tim Hortons?

          Credit where credit is due.

          What would Watson’s know about creating jobs in the private sector?

          He’s only had a cup of coffee (and Timbits) outside of government.

          He can’t even get a government appointment. Now there’s something he has worked long and hard on.



  3. Is this some kind of consolation prize for not getting the new Amazon HQ2?
    It appears that the confirmation is coming from the federal level which would indicate they’re the ones who did the heavy lifting on this project. It’s not accidental that Watson and the east end councillors are nowhere to be seen. Do you think the Amazon people made it a condition of the deal that they wouldn’t have to be seen with Jim Watson or work with him on it? A possible outcome of his self-invited visit to their offices last year perhaps?

    1. The Voter:


      My guess is he had nothing to do with it. There’s a provincial election.

      But he will take credit for it.

      Like elephants, some animals acted in prescribed ways.



  4. Well I guess a 1,000 jobs is a 1,000 jobs but these are the type of jobs that you wouldn’t cross across Canada to become an employee. Many will be low-skill jobs for entry level order filling positions.

    What I don’t understand is how the articles make the uninformed reader think at first glance that this one-million-square-foot building is ready to open and a 1,000 jobs are ready to go. The applicants (Broccolini) are one month or so into the torturous twist and turn of site-plan approval. Then they have to build it. We are talking the fall of 2019 as the earliest full opening.

    As well, I hope there will be some improvement to public transit out there. Otherwise 1,000 jobs equals a lot of cars. I assume 24/7 operation and maybe 500 people in the daytime, 250 in the evening and 250 overnight. That is a lot of cars on a basically rural road. As well, with shifts many people arrive and leave at the same time.

    Mayor Jim Watson was being cagey which means he had little to do with the announcement or the push to get Amazon to locate here. Sounds like Broccolini found them and enticed them.

    1. Luke. Good observation on the type of jobs these 1,000 will be but getting a foot in the door at Amazon is still a good thing for the city. Amazon is a private-sector employer so city hall won’t have an opportunity to move in and screw things up. I’m sure Amazon will manage the situation well. Unfortunately your comment concerning more road traffic is probably correct but it is in line with Ottawa’s general approach to planning which seems to be ready-fire-aim.

    2. Luke,
      Not sure how accurate the quote from Leslie is but he says “middle class jobs”. Also not sure, of course, what “middle class” means these days.

  5. Only a minor point but Amazon will not be building anything.
    The two companies involved have not made a press release yet but if this goes through it will be Broccolini building a warehouse after it has a 25-year lease locked up with a tenant.


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