Another Lame Watson PR Stunt

This is getting ridiculous.

Mayor Jim Watson is giving the key to the city to former Redblack’s quarterback Henry Burris. Burris quarterbacked the Redblacks to the Grey Cup. That was good and for that he deserves credit. He has received lots of credit for the deed.


But come on, Jim Watson. Reasonable people can think of scores of people in this community who are more deserving of the key to the city. Try Dave Smith and Moe Atallah for starters. Or how about some of the good people at the Ottawa Heart Institute or give that institution the key to the city for all the lives saved there.

Many, many people have done good works in Ottawa and almost all have lived here longer than Henry Burris. This is no disrespect to Burris. He’s a good man.

But the key to the city should go to a person who has shown a lifetime of devotion to the city and perhaps who has done much to make it a better place. Hey, how about Bob Chiarelli, Your Worship, or do you have a problem there? Certainly he has done more for Ottawa than one of your previous choices for the key, Sandra Oh.

People in the community are getting sick of you using other people’s money to garner self-aggrandizement. Yes another photo op, this time with star Burris. Hey he might put His Worship on his morning show. Politics.

Watson is such a bad administrator or so accustomed to putting himself on stage at every opportunity that he has no qualms about it. Wasn’t Ottawa 2017 enough of a self-promotion? And where is the lasting legacy from it? Simply a party. Bread and circuses.

If you really want to do the people of this community a favour, why don’t you pick up the phone in your office and call the light rail officials and ask them why the city is over-spending on this massive project by $3.2 billion. I’ll tell you why. Because you haven’t kept an eye on them. You’ve taken what they’ve told you at face value.

That’s irresponsible. That over-spending is because city staff wants to replace the current stations on the route (which is unnecessary) with monuments to their collective genius. Staff wants to win awards. The genius of the Transitway was that it could be converted to light rail when the time came at low cost. Some light rail. Some low cost.

Well here’s an award. Crown yourself and your project a failure. A massive boondoggle. Huge underground stations that were completely unnecessary and now more stations downtown which will be necessary will cause tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in the future. And for that amount of money, His Worship can’t get light rail to Kanata or Barrhaven. Incredible waste. Watson says he’s building a Chevy. Don’t kid yourself. It’s a Mercedes. It’s a fleet of Mercedes.

And the LRT pretty much sums up Watson’s term in office. Massive over-spending, terrible administration, hard-working Ottawans’ taxes wasted, horrible debt into the future for Ottawa’s children and grandchildren to cover, the highest operating deficit in Ottawa history and perpetual public relations using other people’s money.

Waste … $3.2 billion of waste. Terrible.

So give your key to Burris. You’ll be completely in character.

But consider this as you prepare for this PR stunt using other people’s money.

The stench coming from your administration is so bad that residents are starting to smell it around the city.

You can only hide this farce for so long. That has ended. Your best-before date is long overdue.

Get out while you can, Mayor Jim Watson. Your chances of winning in the upcoming municipal election are diminishing rapidly.

Word is getting around. Within a year when the municipal election arrives, everyone will know … particularly if a good candidate runs against you. People are looking for change and you’re not a change.

Your time in office has been a horrible failure.


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7 thoughts on “Another Lame Watson PR Stunt

  1. I’m not sure how we stop the grandstanding. Maybe it’s time for a code of conduct for the occupier of the office of mayor in this town. Something that’s more stringent than what’s in place now for members of council. It should also be against the rules to declare your candidacy for any municipal office more than six months before the election.


    1. The Voter:

      I’m getting tired of this old-time politics where incumbents use their position to promote themselves.

      Unless you have a high profile, defeating an incumbent is very tricky.




  2. Maybe keys should be gathered rather than given.

    Maybe if someone had a keychain that was full of keys to city-owned facilities, one could go around town and gain access to places like, say, nursing homes. With access, one might find out what’s going on under one’s own nose and fix things before them become scandals.

    Oh no, that’s a stupid idea. Someone doesn’t actually need keys to do that job when they already have access.



  3. Keys to the city aside, for me your story was leaning more towards Mayor Watson losing the coming election.

    Unfortunately I do not believe that will be the case. He has such a high profile, and when LRT opens it will be a complete media circus of praise for his nibs, that unless someone with a very high profile comes along he will not lose. I do not see that opponent anywhere as of yet. Paul Dewar might be able to but he would be riding mostly on the Dewar name since he hasn’t done much since being voted out.

    Councillor Diane Deans might also be able to pull it off but most of council wouldn’t stand a chance so it would have to be an outside party. It’s early days yet of course, but the horizon doesn’t look promising for change.


  4. If a mayor gave a key to the city, and the media declined the opportunity to report on it on the basis that it is not news, did it really happen?


    1. Ron:

      If the media wasn’t about to cover it, there would be no key to the city ceremony.

      It’s not about the recipient. It’s about the mayor.




  5. Keys to the city, Order of Canada all sorts of recognition has become mundane and many deserving folks would decline rather than be recognized by tarnished offers.

    Watson cheapens the value with each key he gives out. But that is politics for you. Watson is trying to appeal to the sports-fan vote.


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