APB Sheridan




Is Sheridan on one of his long vacations again?

When we last left the anonymous scribe and noted Bulldog contributor, he said he was going south just before Christmas to Windsor, Ont. Maybe he froze to death on a beach.

We’re going to put his face on the side of milk cartons to see if anyone recognizes him.

From his photograph above, he looks a tad pale.

Maybe he’s not well.

Or perhaps this note will shame him into commenting.



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4 thoughts on “APB Sheridan

  1. I was wondering the self-same thing the other day. There was a post that he would normally have responded to and I was surprised not to see his wise words.
    However, it is possible that you may be able to use his absences to track him down. Perhaps you should chart his days off and see if there’s a pattern that can be circulated to help identify him.
    The other thing that occurred to me was that he may have been at the border in Windsor and fallen afoul of the ever-changing regulations and is now languishing in some dank jail cell hoping his favourite hound will note his absence and track him down.


  2. Ken,
    At my age I am afraid to ask why I haven’t heard from somebody lately.

    While the people that post add interest to your site, there is also a certain amount of camaraderie that develops from reading the opinions of people who are unknown to oneself.

    Hope Sheridan is okay and is just too busy sun tanning.



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