Apply Electoral Reform Logic To Pot


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been showing a great deal of common sense these days.

Trudeau discovered on his fact-finding mission across Canada that most people either didn’t want great changes to our electoral system or didn’t care. The Greens certainly wanted change because it gave them an outside chance of winning a second seat. Beyond that, crickets.

Video above: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on pot legislation.

No your Greens are a noisy bunch and many of them are part of the rump that wants new cycling lanes in Ottawa … unsafe or not. Our municipal politicians should note that the bicycle rump does not represent Ottawa but instead the bicycle rump. So going willy-nilly to satisfy a pressure group rather than the public is bad politics. Bike lanes yes, but not the kind on Laurier Avenue and O’Connor Street.

But that’s another topic. Trudeau’s common sense, or his handlers’ at least, went as far as inviting Muslims shut out of the U.S. to come to Canada. It was a triumph of good will. Well to refugees at least. Perhaps not Donald Trump.

Now if we can extend Trudeau’s common sense to the upcoming pot law, the prime minister would do well. As in electoral reform, no one is clamouring for pot law changes except the vendors. A number of people back legalization but never under-estimate the ability of Canadians not to care.

Even Trudeau has noticed that pot legalization is not high on the list of issues Canadians want addressed.

And Canadians are right on this one. There are many more important issues than legal pot and electoral reform.



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5 thoughts on “Apply Electoral Reform Logic To Pot

  1. I think that the Liberals will see a lot of backlash from breaking their electoral reform promise, and even moreso if they fail to legalize marijuana. But, will we have any appealing alternatives?


      1. I know that you meant this to be flippant but the ranks of those connected to AA and the police would tell you that’s not an alternative. If Trudeau wants to retain the younger voter, he’ll think carefully about dropping the marijuana promise. He may get away with shuffling it down the road for a while but he’ll need to leave it on the table.


    1. Steve:

      Actually Steve I think that if you polled Green Party members from coast-to-coast, you will find they will be outraged that a new form of voting that might raise their number of MPs to two was killed. They will forecast dire political consequences for Justin Trudeau.

      But I think you might find that if you poll a wide range of Canadians outside the Green Party, you’ll discover they don’t give a damn.




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