Are The Royals More Inclusive Than Planning Department?



The Royals might not be known for inclusivity. Rather formal, hard to get invited to events.
But can you make an argument that the Royals, at least on the day of a Royal wedding, are much more inclusive than the city’s planning department.

We know that the department has done its best to keep the high-rise report low-profile (no doubt the politicians as well) from their recent actions. We learn this morning from Ron Benn in his excellent column that they just don’t listen. That consultations are something they must do rather than want to do.

A few boxes are checked and the public consultation is over.

On many occasions, we see the Royals listen and invite the public to participate.

Yes, the Royals, at least in comparison to the City of Ottawa planning department, are more inclusive than our publicly paid planners.

Should we address City of Ottawa planners, His (or Her) Highness?

What do you think, Your Worship?


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