Artificial Intelligence Comes To The Bulldog


OK, insert joke here. As in “It’s about time some intelligence comes to The Bulldog.”

But artificial intelligence it is, if nothing else.

We’ve eliminated two outdated programs for choosing related posts and have gone to the cutting edge.

You will notice the features “Recommended For You …” on the right sidebar of The Bulldog, Bulldog Canadian and Bulldog Politics. This is not a joke. These stories really are recommended for you.

How? Artificial intelligence. Previously related posts were chosen for you by their keyword relationship. Now the new Bulldog program looks at your individual reading patterns and through AI chooses the stories it calculates what you, as an individual, wants to read. We’re bringing your interests to you and therefore making The Bulldog more useful to the reader.

At first it will make some somewhat good suggestions. But after a week or so, AI will get to know you better through your reading patterns and it will begin to make remarkable calls. After a considerable time, it will wow you with how much it understands your reading preferences.

Now if you are worried about this information being shared somewhere else Facebook-like, forget it. First, your agent doesn’t know how to access this information, two, doesn’t have time to learn and three, doesn’t care to know. I’ve got bigger fish to fry. So you’re safe though the information it learns is very harmless and confined to this news site. Worry not.

We hope this helps you enjoy the three Bulldogs even more now that AI has you covered. Your agent would be surprised if any other major news sites in Ottawa, or elsewhere, are using AI. So welcome to the future right here on the humble Bulldog.

More Bulldog stuff.

You will notice that the news tickers and scrollers have disappeared. Begun with much fanfare, they developed problems. One, they didn’t update often enough. Two, they take a long time to read. But they were sexy, weren’t they?

They also took up so many resources on the news sites that they slowed them down. So too the old related posts programs. That’s not good.

They’ve been replaced with non-scrolling news updates (more often to be sure) in the right sidebar of The Bulldog (just click on the “+” sign on the front or check out the right sidebar on posts like this one) or at the bottom of the page on Bulldog Canadian.

And they’ve got little pictures, too.

Progress marches on at The Bulldog.

In fact, The Bulldog has become markedly faster to load. By eliminating old inefficient programs and installing a cutting-edge program AMP, The Bulldogs have become much, much faster on smartphones and tablets. AMP is an open-source program (in other words anyone can contribute to building it). We’ve actually had AMP on the news sites for quite some time but the speed of mobile loading was but marginally faster.

However recent updates have increased loading speeds markedly, particularly on smartphones. Check it out. It’s so fast you’ll woof your kibble.

The goal of AMP is to make mobile devices as fast as your laptop. It’s really starting to work. As AMP improves, The Bulldog will immediately incorporate those improvements. Look out.

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Hope you enjoy the new stuff.


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2 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence Comes To The Bulldog

  1. Bulldog, you shouldn’t be unkind to yourself. The Bulldog’s intelligence has *always* been artificial.


    1. Alf Chaiton:

      Criticism from the cheap seats. Buy a ticket and step up.

      Both your readers will appreciate it.




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