Auditor General Must Probe Lansdowne

OK, Ken “Good News” Hughes, it’s time to show your mettle.

The Bulldog over the last couple of days believes it has found for the auditor general enough grist at Lansdowne to put through his investigative mill.

The Bulldog has given Hughes a head start on a probe.

Hughes must do a complete audit of how the City of Ottawa got itself in such a bad financial deal at Lansdowne.

This is at least $211 million of taxpayer money in the mix plus the lost opportunity to rent very valuable Lansdowne property at a reasonable price or sell it.

It’s time for “Good News” to show what he is made of.


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One thought on “Auditor General Must Probe Lansdowne

  1. One thing he needs to produce is what the city was paying to run Lansdowne for the five years before the OSEG re-invention and what revenues it was bringing in.
    We also need to see what we are putting into Lansdowne over and above the $1.4 million. One of Watson’s claims to support the OSEG deal was that the city had been pouring money into Lansdowne for years and getting little return. We should therefore be able to see a clear increase in the in-versus-out equation.
    We need a clear accounting of the borrowing that’s been done to pay for OSEG’s new Lansdowne including the principal and the interest.
    Adding the interest and the ongoing costs of maintaining the facilities and then subtracting the $1.4 million and any revenues the city is getting from the facilities would tell us just how much we are losing on this lopsided deal.
    Another interesting fact which I know auditor general Ken Hughes can’t look at would be the political contributions from the OSEG partners, in their capacity corporately as OSEG, in their individual corporations and businesses as well as in their personal capacities over the last three municipal elections and in the upcoming one. (I hear Watson yelling at his phone that political donations don’t buy influence to which I would respond that, if you believe that, I have a nice municipal park I can let you have cheap.)


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