Baird To Resign. Is Harper Next?



Foreign Minister John Baird is leaving politics, a source close to Baird said Monday night.

According to the source, Baird has said he would not stay in politics if Prime Minister Stephen Harper quits.

The Baird resignation might be a sign that Harper will not contest this year’s federal election. Ottawa has been rife with that speculation for months.

Baird has told family members that he is done with federal politics, the source said.

The foreign minister said he is sick of what politics has become, according to the source.

Ontario PC leadership candidate and Nepean-Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod tweeted out that “John Baird has been a strong MPP and MP for our community. Appreciate all he has done for Ontario and Canada.”

Speculation in the traditional and social media says Baird might want personal life again or that he is pulling away from the political spotlight to run a campaign for the PM’s spot.

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