Only two parties locally were aware of the current baseball deal that is being negotiated between Richard Billings of Beacon Sports Capital Partners and the office of Mayor Jim Watson.

Earlier this week, it was broken in Bulldog Ottawa that the city was close to a deal that would bring Double-A baseball to the Coventry Road stadium.

Billings refused to release any details last week because he was honouring an agreement made with the mayor’s office to not make public any negotiations. Other councillors, critical to bringing baseball to Ottawa, were shut out of the negotiations or information because Watson wanted to take credit for bringing baseball back.

Repeatedly, the mayor’s office has said it could not reveal details because of ongoing confidential negotiations with a private partner.

Now all the details of the deal have become public. Billings honoured his agreement with the city on confidentiality.

Who do you trust and what does that tell you?

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