Bike Zealots Are The Trumps Of Transportation

The bike zealots are a good example of what happens on the Internet in many areas.

The zealots, and you know who you are, talk to themselves on #ottbike reinforcing their zealotry.

There is only one answer and that is as many bike lanes as possible despite the fact that most normal cyclists use them for less than a third of the year. Some cyclists demanded more of their fellows on the Laurier lanes after a young woman was struck and killed there a couple of seasons ago.

That’s foolhardy.

But that is the myopic views that these people have. Us and them.

Why it’s enough to turn a liberal like myself into Lowell Green.

But the zealots are just another faction in an increasingly factionalized world. When U.S. President Donald Trump tweets, he’s not speaking to the public but to his faction of support. Speak to the public and he faces criticism. No criticism from his supporters however. People tend to herd with their own.

After a while, their reinforced views become dogma rather than views because support for their cause comes from their Internet peers.

Once society had a centre where people could agree. The Internet has changed all that. It’s a bunch of fanatical factions who reinforce their own dogma. Imagine if Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels had such a tool. The prospect causes one to shudder.

In their radical views and practised rhetoric, the bike zealots are the Trumps of transportation.


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2 thoughts on “Bike Zealots Are The Trumps Of Transportation

  1. Shortly after the Laurier bike lanes opened in, however many years ago, I observed a young man in his 20s (guessing here) typing something into his phone as he pedaled eastward with no helmet. No amount of bike lanes in our great nation is going to protect people like him from himself.


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