Bob Chiarelli To Run Again


A familiar face in Ottawa politics has decided to stay in the limelight.

Provincial Infrastructure Minister and former Ottawa mayor Bob Chiarelli said he will run again for the Liberals in Ottawa West-Nepean.


“I feel good and I’m still bringing things to the community,” the 75-year-old Chiarelli said on Friday.

Chiarelli is one of the most prominent Liberals in the Ottawa area.

Earlier this year Chiarelli was unsure if he would seek office provincially again but Friday he was positive and upbeat on the topic.

Chiarelli keeps up a rigorous daily exercise regimen and he says he has more than enough energy to campaign and serve in office.

As well as being an MPP and minister for many years and the first mayor of the amalgamated City of Ottawa, Chiarelli was the last chairman of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton.


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10 thoughts on “Bob Chiarelli To Run Again

      1. To Bruce Webster: 9 Mayors. Greenberg, Dewar, Durrell, Laviolette,, Holzman, Watson, Higdon, Chiarelli and O’Brien.

  1. Bob was a very good Mayor for Ottawa and did a great job as Regional Chair but his best days are behind him. His time as the Minister of Energy for the Provincial Liberal was a disaster. Thank You for your service, let’s get some younger fresher minds in their.

  2. It is true that Bob works hard but in my view both the Wynne Liberals and Bob Chiarelli have passed their “best before” dates. Having said that, what happens now to Ottawa City Councillor Mark Taylor? In 2010 then-candidate-for-City-Council Taylor publicly promised to serve for two terms only, which will end in 2018. Taylor has made no secret of his desire to succeed Bob Chiarelli as MPP for Ottawa West-Nepean (Bob’s response to this has been “Get in line” as Taylor is not the only Liberal waiting for Bob to move on). With Chiarelli indicating that he will seek re-election and Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson indicating he will run again, then Taylor should be looking for new opportunities. Unless, of course, he lied back in 2010.

      1. Both Mark and Bob are in jobs Alex has occupied in the past and I suppose could occupy again if one or both of them moved on.
        Not quite sure how I feel about Bob hanging around for another term. He’s ‘only’ 75 now (actually 76 next month but who’s counting?) and may be in good physical shape but the next term would take him to 80. He’s had a good run as a politician of over 30 years in various positions plus a legal career before that. Maybe it’s time for him to step aside and let someone else take over.
        I’d like to hear what he thinks he still has left to do, not just that he works out every day. Lots of people have ‘energy’ but I need to see an agenda that he thinks he’s uniquely suited to pursue on behalf of the people of Ottawa West-Nepean.
        If he’s telling Mark to “get in line”, who else is in that line and what do they offer the community? Maybe he should submit to an open nomination contest and see if others agree he should be the candidate.

    1. Alex:

      The only councillor I remember keeping their two term promise is Steve Desroches and he’s regretted the decision to this day.

  3. I know very, very little about Mr. Robert Chiarelli.

    I don’t think that his age should automatically disqualify him.
    I don’t think that the party, that he belongs to, should automatically qualify or disqualify him.


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