Bon Voyage, Councillor Clouseau: Reader

Former Ottawa city clerk Pierre Pagé has some travel suggestions for Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley.

Pagé is responding to The Bulldog post Hubley Forgets His Train Whistle: Whopper Watch. You might want to take a peek at that to put the former city clerk’s comments in context:

Let’s check his office budget to see if the whistles were purchased.

On the positive side for Hubley, he did get a free train ride without having to dig in his own personal finances. It sure is no surprise that Kanata isn’t getting LRT for some significant time in the future with this ineffective bumbling Councillor Jacques Clouseau type.

Kanata South residents will get the opportunity to show him the door in 2018. Let’s hope they take that opportunity to select a better qualified candidate with an aversion to spending tax money on hockey tickets and making empty promises not to run for a third term.

And perhaps the city can then appoint a chairman of audit committee who really means what she or he says without the use of Hubley’s silly hockey-like cards to stroke his ego. The only train Hubley needs to take is one leaving town. VIA Train can certainly accommodate him at his own expense.

Bon voyage, Councillor Clouseau.


Maybe Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley will get to enjoy this technology when he leaves town.


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One thought on “Bon Voyage, Councillor Clouseau: Reader

  1. Pierre, I agree!
    So far, I have only seen one name having been put forward, Steve Anderson, president of the Katimavik-Hazeldean Community Association. There was an article about him in the April 19th Community Voice.


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