Brave Jonathan Pitre Shows Us Magnificent Determination


If you’re feeling bad about your life at times, consider the case of Russell’s Jonathan Pitre.

Pitre has a rare, incurable blistering skin disease that is very painful and life-threatening.

Pitre went through a hell of treatment in Minneapolis to get a stem-cell transplant in hope of increasing his white blood-cell count.

It failed.

Now Pitre, a Grade 11 student, has to decide whether to try a second stell-cell treatment with all the pain involved and no guarantee of success.

In just living Pitre goes through more than almost all of us. The treatment is worse.

The young man is a tiger and deserves better. We hope that things finally turn out well for Jonathan.

Everyday he shows us the value of living and how so many of us are lucky that we are blessed with good health. Jonathan is courageous.

Appreciate what you have.



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