‘Bridge-In’ Protest Tonight Aims To Keep POW Open


prince of wales bridge


This is a release from a group of residents who want to keep the Prince of Wales Bridge open:

Residents of Ottawa and Gatineau are gathering by the Prince of Wales Bridge tonight at 6:00pm to voice their opposition at the City of Ottawa’s plan to build a $250,000 gate on the Prince of Wales Bridge.

Supporters for keeping the bridge open were dismayed to learn that no new infrastructure spending was dedicated to revitalizing the bridge and turn it into a pedestrian/cycling bridge, or extend the O-Train line into Gatineau to serve the commuters who cross the river daily. Citizens are gathering by the bridge to enjoy a picnic and listen to live music.

“The Prince of Wales Bridge is used and loved by residents on both sides of the Ottawa River” says Aileen Duncan, co-organizer and founder of the petition.to keep the Prince of Wales bridge open. “We should be looking at ways to build bridges across communities, not building walls.”

The federal government announced over $157 million in first round infrastructure spending for the City of Ottawa, but none of that was dedicated to the Prince of Wales bridge.  Today, organizers launched a crowdfunding campaign on Generosity to start raising funds for the renewal of the bridge, and started an organization, the Ottawa Rail Bridge Project (ORB) to advise on the proposed revitalization project.

Photo above: The Prince of Wales Bridge

The City of Ottawa, which owns the bridge, says it has no funds to refurbish the bridge.  “We believe that residents use the bridge and are willing to share the costs to keep it open and make it accessible for everyone,”  Duncan says.

The Prince of Wales bridge has long been out of commission to trains and was purchased in 2005 by the City of Ottawa.  The bridge connects to popular multi-use NCC paths on both the Gatineau and Ottawa sides of the rivers, as well as the O-Train path on the Ottawa side. The City of Ottawa cycling plan envisages the Prince of Wales Bridge to be  a pedestrian and cycling bridge by 2019, but the city has not invested any funding into the project.

Quick figures

$10.5M -estimated cost to refurbish the Prince of Wales Bridge to make it a multi use path for pedestrians and cyclists

0 – the number of complaints filed to the City of Ottawa about the Prince of Wales Bridge.

$156M – the amount of first round Federal infrastructure funding for City of Ottawa projects.

$2M  – the costs of poor planning; the Booth Street bridge was not built with segregated bike lanes.  This is money that could have been diverted to the Prince of Wales bridge or other transit projects.

1880 – The year the Prince of Wales Bridge was built

2005 – The year the City of Ottawa acquired the bridge


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10 thoughts on “‘Bridge-In’ Protest Tonight Aims To Keep POW Open

  1. I do not know the area but I could see:
    – bike path
    – pedestrian walkway
    -tourist attractions: tram ride to shuttle back and forth
    : bait shop
    : fishing platforms (assuming there are fish
    : bungee jump or zip line
    : water slide
    : ice cream,pop,hotdog concession at mid-point

    1. Chaz,

      You are using common sense, but this out of that realm and into the domain of politics.

      The $2.7-million that had initially been set aside to start this Prince of Wales Bridge (POWB) renewal was diverted to the $21-million Clegg Street pedestrian bridge project. That bridge goes over the Rideau Canal, helping to bring people to TD Place (which has a P3 relationship with the city). Therefore, that project is mostly about putting lipstick on the Lansdowne transit pig.

      Secondly, the city is sending (with the gating) a loud message that any new transit dollars are going into the city’s planned LRT expansion. The POWB will not be considered a suitable project until the Confederation line is completed (probably Phase 4 of LRT expansion).

      So, stop with your foolish community rallies. And please stop with these picnic ideas because the only picnic-on-a-bridge which has official sanctioning is Ottawa 2017’s picnic-on-a-bridge (see Mayor Jim Watson for details).

      Yup, Watson is turning out to be quite the bridge ogre (or bridge troll).

      1. In The Three Billy Goats Gruff, the goat wins the battle with the Troll. I don’t think that the Troll sodded the bridge though.

      2. Foolish community rallies? What happened over the years for you to get so bitter?
        Look around you – if there ain’t much of a community to look at, you may have your answer spelled out for you.

        1. Rallier, I think Sheridan was being sarcastic with his foolish community rallies phraseology. I read it as an anticipation of the response we could expect from Mayor Watson, along the lines of the “move along folks, nothing to see here folks, move along”.

        2. Rallier,
          Sheridan certainly doesn’t need me to defend him but I think he was being a bit tongue-in-cheek about the rally. He also pointed out that my post used common sense but went on to say that common sense and politics do not make for good bed partners. I don’t think he’s bitter about rallies nor common sense but he may not have too many good things to say about politicians.

          That’s how I read his comments.


        3. Rallier

          You’ve raised a ruckus here on The Bulldog and so on behalf of the staff and management of world’s best website named after a dog, I’d just like to say thank you.

          And Sheridan? Satire, methinks.



          1. I believe everyone at The Bulldog knows how tight I am with Mayor Jim Watson — my BFF. It is no surprise that I am on Watson’s speed dial, and I fully expect a call to join his re-election team once he declares his decision to run in 2018.

            Maybe Rallier is correct, and I have been spending too much time in Watson’s orbit — what Ken has aptly described as the “Borg Collective.”

            “You have the bridge.”
            “Take us out of orbit. Ahead warp factor one.”

            1. Sheridan,
              I always mix up the definitions of satire, sarcastism and facetious. So with my tongue in my cheek I will ask – is there an emoji ? :)
              That smile face and the frown face are the only two I know.


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