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We’d love to have former Ottawa broadcaster Joe Spence commenting on The Bulldog. We see him in the papers quite often. You’re most certainly welcome here with your outstanding comments such as this oneMayor Jim Watson, in his usual strategy of deflection, announced the new east-end Amazon warehouse on the same day as the enormous 900 Albert project with its huge towers were unbecomingly being rammed through committee, council and below the public’s radar. However, this so-called announcement was so feeble that it had been in the media weeks ago and no Amazon officials showed. Just a ploy to cover up the bad procedure surrounding 900 Albert. Really sad … If the city can rubber-stamp 65 storeys at 900 Albert in an area zoned for 30, nobody’s property is safe from an enormous tower next door. Houston, Texas, doesn’t have zoning. Neither does Ottawa. Property owners, it’s official. Zoning in Ottawa is called the law of the jungle. Buyer beware isn’t enough. All the rules are gone …


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One thought on “Bring Your Good Comments To The Bulldog, Joe Spence: Stuff

  1. Buyer beware means buyer watch your step.
    We might then be able to coin a phase for the developer as – developer step all over us, the rules were meant to be broken.



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