Brockington: Sod Doesn’t Cut It



When we last left River councillor and Bulldog star Riley Brockington, he had a new partner beneath the OC Transpo bus he was thrown under due to his gaffes on the Mooney’s Bay playground file.

His new mate is Rideau-Vanier councillor and lifeguard-in-chief Mathieu Fleury who, as the most loyal follower of Mayor Jim Watson, had His Worship give him a unique view of public transit when Watson backed a homeless shelter in his ward. Fleury has been hearing about it from his constituents ever since.

Now Brockington is desperately trying to get out from under the bus. So he is concerned about sod.

Sod. Yes … sod. As though sod hasn’t caused His Worship enough trouble what with throwing it on a bridge to celebrate Ottawa 2017. Wonder why Ottawans are less than overwhelmed by Ottawa 2017?

Brockington is worried, by looking out the front window of Ottawa City Hall, at the constant replacing of sod on the plaza between the building and Laurier Avenue. Event after event, this sod has to be replaced because it’s damaged by people, machines or structures.

Between 2012 and mid-2017, the cost to replace sod has been about $46,000.

This comes out to about $8,400 a year. The horror. That’s not even a rounding error for light rail.

Is this what councillors have to do at city hall? Look out the front window and tsk tsk about repeated purchases of sod. Perhaps it’s just a facade to make it look as though council is concerned about not wasting money.

Of course that whopper is about as high as a mound of fertilizer at Orgaworld.

Meanwhile council is overspending to the tune of $3.2 billion on two phases of light rail. Worried about $8,400 a year but not about $3.2 billion. Hmmm.

And $3.2 billion buys a lot of stuff. Like road overpasses over rail at dangerous level crossings north of Barrhaven. Or light rail across the Prince of Wales Bridge to Gatineau. In fact that money could put light rail on the POW bridge about 160 times for the cost of the LRT overrun.

Brockington wants to save $8,400 a year on sod while the city wastes $3.2 billion. This council is out of control.

Back under the bus, Riley. Join your friend Mathieu there.

You’re not forgiven for the Mooney’s Bay playground fiasco yet. Around $8,400 a year doesn’t cut it.


Photo above: Mooney’s Bay area.

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2 thoughts on “Brockington: Sod Doesn’t Cut It

  1. Talking about sod, have you been to the Mooney’ Bay Giver 150 Playground lately? Even the trampled sod from City Hall would be better than the mud surrounding the playground. Maybe Riley could canvas the city to ship its trampled sod to Mooney’s Bay. Might save a few more bucks.

    2018 elections can’t come soon enough.


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