BS Is As BS Does



It’s always a bad time to be talking about BS when the headline next to your column is BS.

So sorry, David. I know it’s not your fault but the biggest piece of BS in some time is the headline: “Confederation Line Is On Time.”


The Confederation Line was supposed to be done this month, except it isn’t. The project has been delayed until November, if not later. After all it doesn’t matter because November is after the October election and Watson no doubt feels who-gives-a-crap about what goes wrong in the first term of a mandate. No one remembers after four years anyway.

Can’t wait for the correction on this one.

As for David’s claims of BS, Ontario PC leader Doug Ford says everything fiscal will be reviewed, flying teams of auditors will go through municipal government books and in particular transit projects. If Ford’s team comes to Ottawa first in these reviews, it might be stuck here for four years. Pity the other municipalities missing out.

Now Ford says Ottawa’s LRT Phase 2 is OK.

And it will be … until Ford changes his mind again.

How Trumpian.


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