Bulldog 2016 Comment Total Just Short Of 4,200




Here’s some interesting news for all you who have contributed to The Bulldog.

The final tally for comments in 2016 was 4,165 … an amazing total.

Thank you all for your contributions. The Bulldog wouldn’t be The Bulldog without you.

Photo above: Is that Ron Benn or Sheridan or The Voter? It’s so hard to tell.

For what it is worth, I think The Bulldog has the most considered, intelligent, witty and literate comment forum in the city. That has very little to do with your agent. It’s because of the contributions from Bulldog readers.

The Bulldog forum is a wonderful ongoing discussion with people who care about Ottawa. Truly the sound and the fury.

Thank you.



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11 thoughts on “Bulldog 2016 Comment Total Just Short Of 4,200

  1. Ken,

    Thank you for all of your hard work. You are correct about the comments, whether one agrees with what is said or not, the comments are always thought provoking.

    The best of 2017 to all.

    Anne Marie

  2. Ken
    Without The Bulldog the concerned citizens of Ottawa would be sorely lacking in voice. Thanks for giving all the ability to speak to the public on matters of common concern. Keep up the good work and best to all in Canada’s 150th

  3. News Year’s Resolution:

    For all of the Bulldog’s readers – tell a friend to drop in for a read.

    Blinders off, looking straight ahead with eyes wide open; keep asking questions.

    2017 Watch List:

    During the year of the one-and-a-half centennial there are going to be some interesting things to follow:

    – will we ever find out what happened regarding Mr. Abdi?
    – how much will the little park end up costing your city?
    – how much , not including the fixed price contract payments, will be spent on the Confederation Line by the year’s end?
    – then we have the bike lanes, library, hospital, municipal storm water, sinkholes etc.

    Some burning questions are:
    will there be tea and cakes,
    lots of selfies,
    lots of grass growing on bridges,
    an abundance of Whoppers to watch?

    Happy New Year,

  4. Dear Head Dawg,

    Glad to be part of the Dawg Patrol! Thank you for gathering all the information, a lot of which we wouldn’t see otherwise, and opening up the discussion board. You also bring together people who might not otherwise connect and give us the opportunity for very good, respectful exchanges of opinion.
    One might think that this kind of discourse would be encouraged by the occupants of the Laurier bunker but, since that is not to be, we have another home here. I’m looking forward to another great year – here’s to hitting 7,300 in 2017 which is a mere 20 per day! It can be our 150th project :-)

    1. The Voter:

      Thank you for all the good words.

      Now I’ve been calling all you rascals The Dawg Pack. Do we prefer The Patrol? Perhaps The Kennel?

      cheers and happy new year


      1. How about Rescue Dawgs?

        Maybe the Pack or Patrol are helping to rescue a few of the people that enter government service. By showing them their antics from other than the perspective of the entitled elite; maybe, we can help to rescue us from their follies and rescue them from their self-aggrandizing ways before they mess up.

        Maybe by reading The Bulldog and not by taking their advice from sycophants and backroom puppeteers, they might teach themselves that they are all employees serving the people.

        Maybe governments can be persuaded to prioritize expenditures. Devote programs towards the crucial issues such as:
        – poverty;
        – housing;
        – the so-called universal health care system;
        – and the recognition that fewer and fewer people will be required to supply labour to get a piece of the pie. There are going to be fewer and fewer hours of labour required and let’s address that future now.

        Some of us are lucky enough to have a home, food on the table and a few bucks left over to donate. In the society I want, I should not have to give to the local food bank because we wouldn’t need a food bank at all. To all government levels; I do not need a luxury from taxpayer dollars to make me feel good. I need to see no person living without proper care.

        When the crucial stuff is properly funded, then and only then, will we have extra resources to throw at robots, parties, limos, state diners and selfies.

        Saint Bernard Chaz

  5. Here’s one more comment on the importance of popping in on The Bulldog.

    You get Ken’s pieces, other people’s comments and there are Fetch and Canadian and Full Local, too.

    Example – Fetch has an article about Elon Musk’s Space X releasing the results of the report about the explosion that occurred in September, that’s transparency.

    Somehow, the powers-that-be can’t release the study about the causes of a big hole nor anything on the death of Mr. Abdi. Why, why, why?

    Why – because they don’t have to.


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