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election endorsementThe Bulldog will be endorsing candidates in Ottawa-area ridings for the upcoming federal election. Ottawa Centre is the first such post:

Paul Dewar, NDP:

Dewar is the incumbent in the riding and has always been a good local constituency man.

The son of the late, great Ottawa mayor Marion Dewar, he keeps a high profile in the neighbourhood and on the national scene. Dewar knows politics begins at street level. No doubt he learned that at his mother’s knee.

Dewar is the party foreign-affairs critic and if the NDP forms or is part of the government, odds are Dewar is the foreign-affairs minister. That would make him the senior cabinet minister for eastern Ontario … an important post. Coincidentally, former foreign-affairs minister John Baird played the same roll for the current government.

Surprisingly Dewar’s website is a tad low on local initiatives. One would think a good constituency man would have more.

And it would have been refreshing to hear Dewar speak out more often on putting light-rail down Carling Avenue rather than the Macdonald Parkway. It continues to be the most useful route but Mayor Jim Watson and his municipal counterparts have absolutely dominated the discussion with the wrong idea.

Dewar has the right idea on Carling. He just didn’t say it enough.

The Bulldog has always thought that Dewar would be most useful as mayor of Ottawa. It’s in the genes.

Maybe if this federal gig gets old, Dewar will gravitate to the local scene.

He would be welcome.

Catherine McKenna, Liberal:

The Liberals always tend to produce a strong candidate in Ottawa Centre and international trade lawyer Catherine McKenna is no exception.

McKenna has been very active in the community including being vice-president of the Glebe Community Association, one of the more active neighbourhood groups in the city.

She belongs to a number of valuable organizations including co-founding Canadian Lawyers Abroad. She has a graduate degree from the London School of Economics and a law degree from McGill.

Her party supports such things as free Parliamentary votes, stronger Parliamentary committees, a merit-based Senate, middle-class tax breaks, action on climate change and investing in clean technology.

Locally, she supports such things as improvements to National Capital Commission multi-use paths and is against building the Memorial to Victims of Communism monument in the Parliamentary district.

McKenna would be a good MP from any riding though she faces tough competition in Ottawa Centre.

Damian Konstantinakos, Conservative:

Damian Konstantinakos has spent 18 years as a engineer and manager in the technology industry.

He is a strong supporter of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and wants Ottawa Centre to remain a safe community. Konstantinakos also would like to preserve the capital’s heritage and history.

Tom Milroy, Green Party:

Milroy has more than three decades of experience in business human relations and recruitment. He has lived in Ottawa since 2003.

Milroy and his party support finding solutions to climate change, supporting technological innovation, green transportation and will explore changing the first-past-the-post electoral system.


Ottawa Centre has its usual strong field of candidates.

The NDP’s Paul Dewar is a very capable MP and a good constituency man.

And if the NDP forms the government or is part of a coalition, there is a very good chance that Dewar will be foreign affairs minister and the senior minister for eastern Ontario. Dewar in particular would be a good person to whom the National Capital Commission would report.

The only drawback to Dewar is perhaps he could take some stronger stands on local issues such as former foreign minister John Baird did.

Still Dewar is The Bulldog’s choice for Ottawa Centre.

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