Bulldog Commenters Go Wild


Tuesday morning your agent awoke to 14 comments already in the bin for editing.

By the end of the day, Bulldog readers (a fiery bunch) had sent 37 comments.

Summer holidays must be over or the Dawg Pack is particularly cranky.

Anyway, as ever, The Bulldog thanks you.


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3 thoughts on “Bulldog Commenters Go Wild

  1. Ken,
    I don’t think your readers are particularly cranky. :)

    You provide a news forum for the particularly INTERESTED. Interested about the comings and goings in your city. They are interested in transparent governance.They are interested in expressing their opinions about perceived back-room deals. They are interested in how your city hall communicates (or doesn’t) with its citizens.

    In short, they are engaging themselves in the democratic process. In so doing, they are hoping to improve the council (remember the mayor is merely one member of council and he has no more than one vote ) and the public service. The readers are interested in improving the public servants’ awareness to the fact that they serve at the pleasure of the people.

    Machiavelli did say,”The promise given was a necessity of the past; the word broken is a necessity of the present.” but, he also said, “It is not titles that honour men,but men that honour titles.”


  2. Ken,
    You are welcome.

    I should add that the cynical side of me knows that the pols look at the pleasure of the people to actually means at the pleasure of the elite ,entitled , top 10% that back their political ambitions.


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