Bulldog Forum Topics: You’ve Got The Power


You’ve got the power to create discussion about Ottawa public policy.


Topics, give us your topics, your gripes, your praise … what’s important to you.

Now as your agent remembers, a poll that we ran prior to creating The Bulldog Forum said readers enthusiastically wanted the forum. The Bulldog gave you one.

And it appears readers still want that forum. Lots of replies. Metric tonnes of readers.

However, the Bulldog Commenting All-Stars have been delinquent in creating new topics. In fact, the last few have been just by your agent. The world doesn’t need more Ken Gray.

So I would ask you folks, if you would be so kind, to vent issues on your mind in the Bulldog Forum topics. Your agent has lots of opportunities to direct discussion on the main Bulldog. But you don’t.

The Bulldog Forum is your forum. Create topics. Get people talking about issues that are important to you.

The power of journalism is not in changing peoples minds but choosing the topics that will be discussed in the public forum. Things that matter to you. Things that matter to Ottawans.

In municipal affairs, that’s in The Bulldog Forum.

You have the power. Use it.


The Bulldog Forum is the primary place where local Ottawa public policy get discussed. Choosing those topics is a powerful tool. Make use of it.


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