Bulldog Readership Jumps 55 per cent



September was an unprecedented month for readership on The Bulldog.

Page views jumped 55 per cent from June to September, the largest increase in The Bulldog’s five-year history.

Page views are now at 124,369 per week for the month of September.

The response is much appreciated, overwhelming in fact.

The increase is in part the result of adding more than 40 different features to The Bulldog including Bulldog Celebrities, Bulldog Travel and The Best.

But the largest measure of success has been in the huge readership of The Bulldog Forum, started just a couple of  weeks ago.

People have been commenting and many, many more reading the Forum.

We hope that the people reading will eventually become a part of the Forum itself by debating and commenting.

None of this is possible without the help of the readers of The Bulldog. We hope new visitors to site are enjoying what they see.

Again a big thank you to all you Bulldog readers and participants.



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5 thoughts on “Bulldog Readership Jumps 55 per cent

  1. Ken,
    After discovering that your techies wiped out a couple of hours of my time, I will say CONGRATULATIONS but – – your techies are on my BLACKLIST.


    1. Sorry Chaz but I’m the techie acting on the advice of a number of different sources.

      But you can’t protect yourself from bad code from plugin developers.

      I’m tired of being at the mercy of sloppy techies.




      1. Ken,

        You ain’t the techie – you are the user. No sorry from you is required.

        The code writers are the true problem.

        (we called it being a programmer back in the days when I wrote using Cobol or Fortran, but that’s a story for a long gone era)

        Have a good time,


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