Bulldog Registers A Whopping 64,000 Page Views In One Day


The Bulldog sure caused a fuss on Wednesday.

That day it garnered an enormous 63,960 page views. To put that in perspective, The Bulldog registered 80,668 page views in a week in June.

First, thank you to all our regular readers and hopefully new readers will find The Bulldog interesting. Don’t be afraid to send along your comments, pro and con, to kengray20@gmail.com.

What caused such a massive readership day? Well the obvious factor was people returning to work after their summer holidays. But that happens every year. Readership goes up in mid-September.

But such a huge day was probably all those returning readers finding some of the myriad new features introduced in the summer such as Bulldog Cars and Bulldog Travel  and, of course the big store of information in The Bulldog Forum.

Page views on The Bulldog Forum are shockingly high. People are obviously enjoying reading the comments of Bulldog contributors. So readership is good.

Where The Bulldog Forum needs more help is from you. This website’s readers overwhelmingly said they wanted the forum. Well now you’ve got it. Participate.

Commenters certainly showed their form on Wednesday. But the forum is brand new so our regular contributors would be helpful if they could introduce new topics that interest them and that might cause a discussion. And of course we want their replies.

It’s early innings on the forum so commenting was expected to be challenging for the first few weeks. Over time it should take on a momentum of its own as it has on The Bulldog main site. Anyway, a little boost from Bulldog commenters wouldn’t hurt while the forum gets its feet.

Many thanks to comment machine (or industry) Chaz for his many and thoughtful comments. So too the venerable Ron Benn and the thoughtful K.A. Your help is greatly appreciated.

So The Bulldog is running on all fours. Lots and lots of readership. Thank you so much.

The Bulldog is nothing without you.


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