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chinaThe great Sheridan chipped in with this comment on Mayor Jim Watson’s remarks on the monument to the victims of Communism whopper and our treatment of totalitarian regimes such as China:

An even bigger whopper was when Mayor Jim Watson stated, concerning this monument, that: “the public didn’t really have any say on where it was going to go; it was just sort of thrust on us — no consultation.” Yeah, this coming from Mr. Consultation on Consultations. How much say did the public have in the Scott Street bus detour, or the western route for the LRT expansion?

However, what really makes my blood boil is the hypocrisy of these politicians in regard to totalitarian regimes. Indeed, Communist China still limits religious freedom and persecutes religious groups — from Christians to Falun Gong. Further, they are cracking down on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. And last month, China’s education minister vowed to ban university textbooks which promote “Western values.” Yet, Watson is only too happy to visit China for trade exchange, but not a peep from him about the evil side of Chinese communism.

A huge concrete memorial to the victims of communism (state totalitarianism), no matter where it is placed in the city, is still an empty gesture if it is not backed up with political (economic, etc.) action against modern day communist regimes.

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