Carleton To Host Canada Tech Forum


This is a release from Carleton University:

The Carleton Initiative for Parliamentary and Diplomatic Engagement will host Canada’s Time – Building a Global Tech Hub North of 49. The panel will bring together leading innovators and experts to discuss Canada’s innovation agenda.

When: Monday, May 15, 2017, at 5 p.m.
Where: Shopify, 8th floor, 150 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON
Info: Space is limited. Registration is required by emailing

Media are invited to attend the event.

The event will explore what innovation in Canada means in practice. The panelists will discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by Canadian entrepreneurs in the digital economy, as well as the possibilities and threats of disruptive technologies. Innovators will lend their insight as to whether Canadians are ready to embrace what it takes to win in the Darwinian world of technology and if the opportunities are equal for all members of society in the digital revolution.

Panelists include:

·         Harley Finkelstein, Shopify chief operating officer and 2017 Canadian angel investor of the year

·         Janet Bannister, Real Ventures general partner and founder of Kijiji

·         Tony Bailetti, director of the Technology Innovation Management Program and associate professor at Sprott School of Business and the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

·         Daniel Debow, co-founder of, Rypple, Workbrain, Creative Destruction Lab and the 2015 Canadian angel investor of the year

The panel will be moderated by Sean Silcoff, business reporter at the Globe and Mail. A reception will follow.


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One thought on “Carleton To Host Canada Tech Forum

  1. Not to be picky but do these folks realize that “North of 49” does not include Ottawa, Toronto or Waterloo? Or Montreal, Quebec City, the Maritimes and most of Newfoundland?

    From the Manitoba/Ontario border west, the 49th parallel forms the US/Canada border with a dip at the western end to keep all of Vancouver Island in Canada. In Ontario, the 49th is north of Lake Superior – are they thinking of making Attawapiskat or Sioux Lookout the new global tech hub? Labrador would also be eligible but not the majority of the island of Newfoundland.

    “54º 40′ or Fight” was the American slogan related to the drawing of the boundary between Western Canada and the States. The boundary east of Lake of the Woods had already been established. The boundary was finally settled on the 49th parallel in the Oregon Treaty of 1846.

    Are history and geography no longer mandatory classes in high school?


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