Carol Anne Meehan Is Moving On


Ottawa will miss Carol Anne Meehan as she leaves the airwaves.

Residents missed her in 2015 when CTV Ottawa let her go. The city lost one of its touchstones and Ottawans filled this website and other media sources with complaints.


This time Meehan is going by her own choice. She’s tired of all the “homework” required in grinding out a daily radio show on 1310 News and that’s a shame. Journalism is still dominated by male voices and the female touch discusses issues that rarely appear on the male agenda.

Meehan was kind enough to have your agent on her afternoon show a number of times which is always a help in getting The Bulldog brand in front of the public.

Between her and the spectacular help of Rob Snow over at CFRA, The Bulldog became a part of the Ottawa media landscape.

So thank you Carol Anne and all the best in your new endeavours.

Ottawa is poorer for you leaving the airwaves but no doubt your life will be fuller.



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5 thoughts on “Carol Anne Meehan Is Moving On

  1. An authentic community fixture. Trusted and liked when on CTV. As CTV aimed for a different demographic, Carol Anne had to go. Shame.

  2. This is probably for the best. Meehan seems to be a genuine and warm pereson, but she was a terrible radio broadcaster. Too many segments with “my friend Laura” or “my friend Julie”, and an inability to improvise and move beyond reading a script made her unsuited to the demands of the job. I know that radio’s hard work: I cohost a two-hour show on CKCU each week with multiple segments (with no payment), and it takes a lot of time and effort. If she’s not up to it, she’s best off leaving and opening the space for someone who is better able to meet the particular challenges of radio hosting. I wish her good luck in whatever’s next for her.


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