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Eek! Parking At Lansdowne

The quiet song above by Chris de Burgh is in contrast to the difficulties concert-goer Elina Olsen had trying to find a parking space at Lansdowne to see the show.

Many critics of Lansdowne during its planning stages said it would be a nightmare to get to the development.

Already busy streets, limited parking and no mass transit line nearby.

Here is one woman’s experience:

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Niqabs: Politics At Its Most Cynical

Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair debate the so-called niqab issue.

This is the politics of fear. Politics at its most cynical. Politics promoting concern over “the other” … people who aren’t like us.

Bad enough that the Conservative government has been pumping Canadians full of concern over terrorism … that one-in-17.5-million-chance that a Canadian could be killed by another terrorist attack.

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Ottawa Parking Spaces Take On New Form

Appears our parking spots in Ottawa could be changing into something else.

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The City of Ottawa has launched the Streetside Spots pilot project today by inviting businesses and community groups to redefine parking spaces with different looks, designs and uses.

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… And In Bulldog Canadian



• WHAT DOES THE TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP MEAN?: To read this story in Bulldog Canadian, click here.


•  FOR BREAKING FEDERAL ELECTION NEWS, scroll through Bulldog Canadian.


•   TO READ THE LATEST CANADIAN NEWS AND OPINION, click here for Bulldog Canadian.


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FULL LOCAL: Where Ottawa Comes First


Your fastest, most complete Ottawa-area news summary is here at Full Local.


Full Local brings you the best in Ottawa news, information and opinion from the city’s news sites and blogs – all in real time.

The feed for Planetizen, the leading source of city planning and design, is also supplied here to make Ottawa a better place.

Full Local is below:

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Could Non-Coup-Coup Two Be On The Way?



About 10 city councillors are very dissatisfied with the administration of Mayor Jim Watson, sources at Ottawa City Hall say.

If three more councillors joined, this group would have a majority on the 24-member council.

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Pick McGuinty Again In Ottawa South

election endorsementThe Bulldog is endorsing candidates in Ottawa-area ridings for the upcoming federal election. Today we discuss Ottawa South riding:

David McGuinty, Liberal: To paraphrase Mark Twain, it’s hard to throw a brick in Ottawa South without hitting a McGuinty.

His brother Dalton had a long high-profile career in provincial politics. Why the McGuintys’ father represented the riding.

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The Bulldog Makes Endorsements

election endorsementThroughout the federal election campaign, The Bulldog will be making election endorsements on the local Ottawa area ridings.

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Chest-Binder Is No Sex Toy

Frequent Bulldog contributor Chaz might not be up on his sex apparel but he knows what a chest-binder is:

A chest-binder is a cloth that you wrap around your chest after applying Vicks VapoRub.

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‘Watson Really Is A Piece Of Work’



This is a comment from frequent Bulldog contributor Luke Chadwick concerning Mayor Jim Watson’s comments concerning heavy accents immigrants have and the implications of those accents.

To read The Bulldog take on Watson’s words, click here.

Chadwick’s comment is below:

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McKenney Tells It Like It Is: Reader



Bulldog contributor Ron Benn enjoys the frankness with which Somerset Councillor Catherine McKenney:

What struck me about the interview with Councillor Catherine McKenney is that she actually answered the questions posed.

It was truly refreshing, as was her candor regarding the challenges the city faces in resolving some critical problems. It is in direct contrast to the comments from Mayor Jim Watson, and Councillor Keith Egli at a recent budget (non)consultation session.

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Ahmed Is An Ottawan And Canadian

flagWhen your agent was born in London, Ont., many decades ago, he popped out as a Canadian.


Well it is because your agent landed on Canadian soil. No test, no qualifiers … just hit the ground crying. Never stopped. And the person born down the hallway at Victoria Hospital was Canadian, too. An accident of birth.

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Keep The Law Out Of This Sex Tool

Thank you to Somerset Councillor Catherine McKenney and Mayor Jim Watson for explaining what the sexual implement a “chest binder” is.

Your agent had no idea.

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Racist? Whopper Watch


“I often find it ironic when I hear people with heavy accents, who are obviously new Canadians themselves, saying we don’t want to accept more people from offshore. There’s really quite an underlying tone of racism in that element.”

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson


How can people with heavy accents be racist when not wanting to accept refugees to Canada?

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Mayor Pays Tribute To Keeping

This is a release from the mayor’s office on the death of news-reader Max Keeping on Thursday:

“Ottawa has been blessed to have Max Keeping as an important part of its local family for as long as anyone can remember.

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City In A State Of Crisis: McKenney



Somerset Councillor Catherine McKenney says the City of Ottawa is in a state of crisis.

McKenney looks at the $52-million operating deficit, the fact that there are no permanent deputy city managers in place, the current city manager Kent Kirkpatrick is leaving, acting deputy city managers are being stretched by doing the deputies’ work and their former jobs and the threats to current programs by the deficit. McKenney calls the current situation “alarming.”

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Festival In Praise Of The Porch

One of the great attributes of an old neighbourhood is the front porch.

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Taking The Suburbs Beyond Bedroom Community

The National Capital Commission has an interesting lecture Thursday evening as part of its Capital Urbanism Lab series of speaking events.

The NCC release is below. Just click on the highlighted words:

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Watson Needs To Play Fair With The Sens

Sens owner Eugene Melnyk with Helene Campbell.

This disconcerting theme has been running along at Ottawa City Hall for some time.

The Ottawa Senators and owner Eugene Melnyk can’t buy a break from the folks on Laurier Avenue.

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Eugene Melnyk’s Ottawa Problem

It is said you can move to Prince Edward Island if you like but you’ll always be from “away.”

Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is discovering that in Ottawa.

Every time Melnyk needs some kind of cooperation from the city in a major project, he gets slapped down.

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Heavy Rail Would End Long Wait For Kanata LRT

Perhaps Marianne Wilkinson is correct.

If the City of Ottawa can’t bring light rail to Kanata by 2031, maybe the tall foreheads on Laurier Avenue (who are never wrong … unless they are caught … and even then, sometimes still not wrong) should consider using the heavy-rail lines that run from Kanata for transit, the Kanata North councillor says.

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Say No To Poilievre In Carleton

Here’s comedian Rick Mercer on Carleton candidate Pierre Poilievre.

election endorsementThe Bulldog will be endorsing candidates in Ottawa-area ridings for the upcoming federal election. Today we discuss Carleton riding:

Pierre Poilievre, Conservative: Under no circumstances should incumbent Poilievre be sent back to the cabinet and House of Commons.

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Trust … It’s All About Trust

A quote from Urbanist Jane Jacobs on trust in society.

Is there something the mayor, council and city staff could learn from this?

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Tories Stand Up The Mayor Again



Mayor Jim Watson gets more press from the federal election than any of the candidates running.

Sometimes it looks as though the federal campaign is being run for the convenience of the mayor to grandstand and showboat. Just to make things clear, Watson is not running federally this time out. It just looks that way.

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The Mystery Of The 2nd Taxi Report


“Fortunately, at the mayor’s request, the city is exploring an earlier deadline. But even that might not be soon enough.”

Mark Sutcliffe in the Citizen on the city’s second taxi report

The operative word in the above is “second.”

You see the city and Mayor Jim Watson have been sitting on a comprehensive study into all facets of the taxi industry for three years.

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