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Ottawa Split On O’Brien Versus Watson

bulldog pollIf you had asked me this question 4.5 years ago, the answer would have been easy.

After four years of the odd rule of Larry O’Brien at Ottawa City Hall, your agent whole-heartedly supported Mayor Jim Watson in the 2010 municipal election.

Given that choice today, I’m not sure that would occur again. Granted Watson has brought dignity back to the mayor’s office but so many negative things have occurred under his administration that one wonders if given time, O’Brien might have become a better mayor.

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Poll: Drat! Foiled Again

bulldog pollA Bulldog reader saw right through yesterday’s poll rating former mayor Larry O’Brien against the current model Jim Watson.

This from Twitter:

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“I think good friends can have arguments.”

– Mayor Jim Watson on whether the City of Ottawa should have taken a position on stopping the building of the Memorial To The Victims Of Communism

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YOUR COMMENTS: Ottawa’s Sound And The Fury

YOUR COMMENTSNow you have a voice.

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FULL LOCAL: Where Ottawa Comes First

FULL LOCALFull Local brings you the best in Ottawa news, information and opinion from the city’s news sites and blogs – all in real time.

Full Local‘s content changes minute-by-minute. When there’s something happening in Ottawa, you’ll get it first in Full Local. And because we have a lot of urbanism geeks on this site, the feed for Planetizen, the leading source of city planning and design, is also supplied here to make Ottawa a better place.

Full Local is below:

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Ranked Ballots Considered For Municipalities



This is a release from the office of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne:

Ontario is taking steps towards giving municipalities the option of using ranked ballots in future municipal elections.

As outlined in the 2014 mandate letter, the province is reviewing the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 to explore how ranked ballots could be implemented by municipalities across the province. Ranked ballots allow a voter to rank candidates in order of preference instead of voting for a single candidate. The option to use ranked ballots would give municipalities an alternative to the current municipal voting system.

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Was O’Brien A Better Mayor Than Watson? Vote

bulldog pollNow that Phillip Slayton, author of Mayors Gone Bad, appears to be redefining our opinion of past urban leaders, perhaps it’s time to look again at the four years of former mayor Larry O’Brien in comparison to current mayor Jim Watson.

Take a second or two to vote in this Bulldog Poll on who was the better mayor … O’Brien or Watson?

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Here’s The Good News On Gridlock

Here’s one good thing coming out of Ottawa’s gridlock from frequent Bulldog contributor Robert Roberts on Twitter:

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Reader Enjoyed Champions Game

Bulldog contributor Doug K chips in on the Ottawa Champions issue.

Tell me Doug … did you see any ads for the game? I didn’t but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any:

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Commenter Needs Baseball Reality Check



Here’s a question-and-answer between some guy who calls himself Reality Check (whoever that is) and yours truly

Mr. Reality is referring to the post, Champions Have Bad Money Weekend. To read the post, click here:


I really don’t get your hate on for this team, nor your insistence on perpetuating misinformation to support your irrational attacks.

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The Urban G-Spot Goes Pan-Am

This Twitter follower takes gentrification maybe a step too far.

This person is responding to the post Gentrification: The Urban G-Spot:

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Give Us Library Info, Not Bricks

The never-ending discussion about the main branch of the Ottawa Public Library continues.

Let’s hope that the city comes to its senses about creating a huge library monolith for its headquarters. The best way to spend that money is by giving us the best online library in the world.

If Ottawa wants to be the information capital of the world, gives us information rather than bricks:

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City Professionals Get Just Less Than 2% Over 3 Years

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Mayor and Members of Council,

I am writing further to my earlier memo of May 20th, 2015, on the subject of the release of the CUPE 503 Inside/Outside interest arbitration award, in which I noted that the City was awaiting arbitration decisions in respect of the CUPE 503 (Part-Time Recreation and Culture), CUPE 503 (Aquatics) and Civic Institute of Professional Personnel collective agreements.

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Champions Have Bad Money Weekend

Ottawa Champions

Ottawa Champions

Some concerning omens appeared at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Stadium, home of the Can-Am baseball league Ottawa Champions on Coventry Road.

The Champions (why play the games if they are already the champions of the Can-Am League or American Association or whatever independent ball they’re in?) drew an average of 2,815 over the first three nights of the season against the Sussex County Miners (whoever they are).

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“O’Brien is easy to like. Even his political opponents and hard-bitten investigative reporters, who believe he was a terrible mayor, seem to harbour a furtive affection for him, grinning when they see his bald head and big smile.”

Author Phillip Slayton, authors of Mayors Gone Bad, on former Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien

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