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Full Local, Bulldog Canadian At Full Blast


The Bulldog is taking a few days off to get all his shots.

But there’s still lots of good reading on the Dawg. If you click on Full Local, Ottawa’s best news just keeps on keeping on. And if you click on Bulldog Canadian, that website continues to run bringing you top national news and opinion in real time.

Regular posts on The Bulldog resume on Sept. 1.

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Bulldog Canadian


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FULL LOCAL: Where Ottawa Comes First


Your fastest, most complete Ottawa-area news summary is here at Full Local.


Full Local brings you the best in Ottawa news, information and opinion from the city’s news sites and blogs – all in real time.

The feed for Planetizen, the leading source of city planning and design, is also supplied here to make Ottawa a better place.

Full Local is below:

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YOUR COMMENTS: Ottawa’s Sound And The Fury

YOUR COMMENTSNow you have a voice.anger

Here are the latest comments on The Bulldog and Bulldog Canadian.

Let your opinions be heard. You can write your comments on the end of the appropriate post or use the comment box below. One way or the other, they’ll appear here within 30 minutes of being moderated.

The Bulldog believes in freedom of speech. Exercise it here. The latest comments to The Bulldog and Bulldog Canadian are below:

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Harder Shocked, Bulldog More Shocked



Planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder said she was “shocked” that a 27-storey hotel slated to be built at 180 Metcalfe Street was defeated at city council Wednesday.

It was to arise from the Medical Arts Building. The project will be addressed again at the Sept. 9 council meeting with the vote tied Wednesday at 11-11.

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Second Taxi Review Report Awarded

ottawa logoKPMG and two other firms have been chosen to conduct the taxi regulations review.

Below is the release from the City of Ottawa:

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A Burger King In The West Block: Whopper Watch


“The mayors of Ottawa and Gatineau have asked for representation on the NCC’s board, which might help prevent future rubber-stamping.”

Citizen columnist Kate Heartfield

What the appointment of Mayor Jim Watson would do on the National Capital Commission board would be to bring the developer agenda to places such as the Macdonald Parkway.

Many Ottawa politicians are beholden to the development industry and the city’s planning department has gone native with developers. What developers want, the City of Ottawa wants. Planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder has never seen a developer she didn’t embrace.

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Should Pols Report To NCC? Whopper Watch


“So we have the worst of both worlds: an unelected body nccdoing the bidding of (certain) politicians.”

Citizen columnist Kate Heartfield on the National Capital Commission

But isn’t this what politicians and public servants do?

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NDP Leads The Pack: Major Poll

Angus Reid this morning released its latest poll on the current popularity of the federal parties leading up to the October election.

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Hummingbird: Nature’s Flower Hooligan

Upworthy examines that little thing in your garden or at the sugar-filled feeder.

The hummingbird, despite its looks, is one mean dude.

According to a report in Slate, they have beaks:

“like stilettos, longer and pointier than those of juvenile males or females — the better for stabbing other males in the throat.”

Like the three hummingbirds seen here absolutely crushing a bird feeder.

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Showboat Jim Loses His Actors


Isn’t it nice to be wanted? The mayor on Twitter, one of his 56,000 tweets.

The Tories spoke loudly Tuesday morning when it came to appearing at a PR exercise for Showboat Captain Jim Watson:

This from Watson’s public relations man Brook Simpson:

Good morning,

Due to having no candidates in attendance, this morning’s briefing and media availability have been cancelled.

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Taxi Reports Plumb Depths of Cynicism



Your agent has seen many political screw-ups but the taxi report mess is a classic.

For three years, Mayor Jim Watson and former community and protective services chairman Mark Taylor (a very loyal Watson ally) delayed a report that was to cover all facets of the taxi industry … for three years.

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Beaches: It’s All About Jim

So recent media reports say keeping the city’s beaches open for young and old alike would have cost an extra $10,000.

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Is Diane Deans The Mayor?



Community and protective services chairwoman Diane Deans is doing all the right things on the taxi issue. That’s the question where Mayor Jim Watson has gone to ground, turtled … why even ostriched.

Deans says it’s too early to know if the new $300,000 report on the taxi industry can be done by the end of the year. She’s being honest.

And she is providing taxi-issue information to the public. Where’s the mayor?

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Showboat Starring Jim Watson: Whopper Watch

The unkind among us (me?) might accuse Mayor Jim Watson of showboating by thrusting himself into the federal campaign. If Watson needs help in the field of showboating (highly unlikely), here is the trailer to the musical Showboat. Think of Watson in the lead role.


“I think this is a win-win. It helps the NCC better understand our local issues and aspirations and frustrations.”

Mayor Jim Watson on why he wants to be on the National Capital Commission board

What Watson means, translated into English is:

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Watson Ignores English Outaouais



Does English Outaouais not matter?

Mayor Jim Watson in his showboating tour of the federal election will hold a bilingual meeting at Ottawa City Hall on issues concerning local interest.

Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin will hold a French-language debate in Gatineau.

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Why Is Watson Showboating?

So why is Mayor Jim Watson showboating by diving into the federal election stressing local issues?

That’s because if you really want to make progress on local issues with the federal government, you don’t publicly embarrass the feds and shame them.

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Don’t Let City Run Major Sports Venues

Bulldog contributor says leaving the city in charge of major sports facility upkeep just doesn’t work. Here is the result of decades of city maintenance at Lansdowne.

Superb Bulldog contributor Ron Benn takes a thoughtful look into putting a new Ottawa Senators arena on LeBreton Flats.

I, too, have struggled with what role government (at any level) should play in the development of professional sporting venues.

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Elevator, Elevator: Don’t Get The Shaft

Ah, in this age of political correctness, we now get behaviour tips for riding the elevator.

As though we didn’t know:

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Harper Gets Horrible Review In New York Times



The New York Times, not exactly a friend of conservatism, takes a very harsh and deserved view of the Stephen Harper years in Canada.

Before you vote this fall, you should read this NYT opinion piece:

Americans have traditionally looked to Canada as a liberal haven, with gun control, universal health care and good public education.

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City Sat On Taxi Report For 3 Years



The City of Ottawa has commissioned a new $300,000 report on the taxi industry despite failing to release a staff report on the issue commissioned more than three years ago.

The city maintains the document, first requested in April 2012, was targeted to be completed in the already past second quarter of 2015, according to a published report. It has still not been released.

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Brockington, Deans Step Into Leadership Void



River Councillor Riley Brockington has taken over the role Mayor Jim Watson should be playing in the airport-taxi driver dispute.

“I’m very concerned when major arterial roads are clogged at peak times when many other residents of the city have nothing to do with this current situation are being impacted,” said Brockington, the councillor in whose ward the dispute is occurring.

A councillor doesn’t have the prestige or high office of the mayor to bring the principals of a dispute into a room to try to find a compromise. But at least Brockington is speaking out. Watson just said he didn’t have jurisdiction and turtled.

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Government Has A Right To Make Bad Decisions

The Bulldog has the utmost respect for the great Kelly Egan of the Citizen.

Egan is a good read day after day.

But your agent must disagree with Egan on his column on the Victims of Communism memorial planned for the Parliamentary district.

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City Of Calgary Puts $200M Into Stadium Plan

calgary stadium

Here’s an artist’s rendering of the new $900-million Calgary arena and covered stadium.

We’ve been spending a lot of time on The Bulldog talking about whether or not municipal money should go into a new hockey arena for the Ottawa Senators.

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Mayor Gets Down and Dirty During Airport Fight

Tweep Ottawa Uber has discovering what Mayor Jim Watson has been doing while the taxi-Ottawa airport confrontation continues.

Why he’s getting down into muck and is getting his hands dirty (for a change) on a vital issue in the national capital.

Here’s the tweet that answers the question, what is the mayor doing about the taxi fight?:

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