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Full Local, Bulldog Canadian At Full Blast


The Bulldog is taking a few days off to take the editor for a walk and teach him how to fetch sticks.

But there’s still lots of good reading on the Dawg. If you click on Full Local, Ottawa’s best news just keeps on keeping on. And if you click on Bulldog Canadian, that website continues to run bringing you top national news and opinion in real time.

Regular posts on The Bulldog resume July 13.

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Bulldog Canadian

  • To scroll through the latest breaking Canadian news and opinion, click here for Bulldog Canadian.



FULL LOCAL: Where Ottawa Comes First

FULL LOCALFull Local brings you the best in Ottawa news, information and opinion from the city’s news sites and blogs – all in real time.

Full Local‘s content changes minute-by-minute. When there’s something happening in Ottawa, you’ll get it first in Full Local. And because we have a lot of urbanism geeks on this site, the feed for Planetizen, the leading source of city planning and design, is also supplied here to make Ottawa a better place.

Full Local is below:

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Two Great Versions Of O Canada


Here are two of my favourite renditions of O Canada.

And oh yes, happy Canada Day:

Canadian fans belt the anthem out after this country won hockey gold at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.

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Please Sir, I Want A Concierge, Too

ottawa logoLook … your agent needs a concierge.

Why I’m redeveloping my lot which is zoned for three storeys but I want 55 storeys. Surely we can work something out.

You know, we need intensification so I frankly don’t see the problem with putting a 55-storey tower in a residential area. And you don’t need visitor parking anymore so that’s a slam dunk. Why the city was ready to allow two towers at 335 Roosevelt in Westboro so what’s wrong with just one tower on my street. Like what is my street … chopped liver?

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Get Ready For Canada Day Road Closures

This is a release from the Canadian Heritage department:

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Champions Listen To Reason

Well God bless the Ottawa Champions.

A few days after we suggested the baseball club put an ad in the Citizen sports section to tell people it’s playing, why there’s the ad. I don’t think the Champions will be disappointed. The team must get its attendance up.

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YOUR COMMENTS: Ottawa’s Sound And The Fury

YOUR COMMENTSNow you have a voice.

Here are the latest comments on The Bulldog and Bulldog Canadian.

Let your opinions be heard. You can write your comments on the end of the appropriate post or use the comment box below. One way or the other, they’ll appear here within 30 minutes of being moderated.

The Bulldog believes in freedom of speech. Exercise it here. The latest comments to The Bulldog and Bulldog Canadian are below:

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Part of St. Joseph Blvd. Closed Until Sept.

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

A 700-metre portion of St. Joseph Boulevard, between Taylor Creek Drive and the Ottawa Road 174 eastbound on-ramp, will be closed to all traffic beginning Thursday, July 2 at 9 a.m. until mid-September.

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Give Shania Twain Promoters A Break

Shania Twain

Shania Twain

Pity the fans at Wesley Clover Parks. Pity Wesley Clover Parks.

First off, Wesley Clover Parks is the old reworked national equestrian complex in Nepean. Your agent kept looking at the Shania Twain ads for the concert last weekend and wondering what that is and where that is.

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Politicians Have Big Sense Of Entitlement



This is a fine comment from excellent Bulldog contributor Ron Benn concerning Mayor Jim Watson’s tele-conference with the public:

There is a continuing sense of entitlement from the political “elites”, be it at a federal level (Senate expenses, advertising of Conservative programs using tax dollars …), provincial (advertising of Liberal programs using tax dollars) and at the municipal level (accepting contributions from developers and then adding costs within the planning department to reduce the costs borne by those same developers).

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Care About Ottawa To Get Results



If you wonder why this city has been taken over by political and business elites and wonder why you aren’t represented, buy a mirror.

The problem is you.

Were politicians to suffer either in the world of public relations or at the voting booth, you can be sure the new city concierge program for developers would not have been created.

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Balharrie Began Modern Ottawa

An Urbsite post is always an important event.

This time out Urbsite celebrates the life and work Watson Balharrie who introduced modern architecture to Ottawa.

It’s a fabulous read:

Watson Balharrie (1910-1967) is Modernism’s beachhead in Ottawa.

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This Wasted Money Is Brought To You By Jim Watson



What a waste.

Mayor Jim Watson’s telephone town hall cost $10,000.

The Bulldog can hold the same kind of town hall at the cost of nothing.

We haven’t done it but we can hold a Twitter discussion at the cost of nothing. We haven’t done it because The Bulldog is open for comment business 24 hours a day. No so the mayor.

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