Cause Of Divorce Revealed: Reader


This is a comment from the inimitable Bulldog contributor Ron Benn.

Benn is commenting on the lack of consultation in New Edinburgh on the sewage tunnel and a possible cause of marriage breakdown.

Take it away, Ron:

The approach implemented by the city on this has been inconsistent with Mayor Watson’s rhetoric about open, transparent and accountable, not that this is the first instance, nor is there any expectation that it will be the last instance.

The city failed to communicate clearly with the community about this prolonged construction plan. To be clear, staff and elected officials (in fairness to the current Councillor, it was the previous Councillor who chose not consult the community) decided not to communicate the construction plan with the community. That makes it an act of commission (an explicit decision), rather than an act of omission (oops, we forgot). Intent matters.

As an acquaintance of mine once said, it is easier to get forgiveness than permission. It is noteworthy that he is divorced, and there might just be a correlation there.



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One thought on “Cause Of Divorce Revealed: Reader

  1. The current councillor has been in office for over two years. He’s had plenty of time to ensure that his constituents knew what was being proposed. The omissions of the previous councillor may mean they had no input at the initial planning stage but, had they been aware of that plan, the residents could have been mobilizing to mitigate the damage two years earlier than they did.
    Who knows what could have been done had they been at the table earlier? One of the things they’re being told is that it’s too late to make significant changes now. When did it become “too late”?


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