Chateau Addition Must Pay Homage To Ottawa Symbol


Rideau-Rockcliffe Councillor Tobi Nussbaum in an op-ed piece in the Citizen gets to the core of the dislike in the city of the addition to the Chateau Laurier:

We want to feel that the addition loves the Chateau Laurier as much as we do. … We want the addition to respect its progenitor, to acknowledge the history, the lore, the stories and the people for whom the Chateau Laurier has been synonymous with Ottawa.

It appears a Vancouver company putting on the addition doesn’t get it.


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3 thoughts on “Chateau Addition Must Pay Homage To Ottawa Symbol

  1. I feel the downtown core, around the Parliament Buildings anyway, should maintain an historic look and feel. The look of the proposed addition to the Chateau Laurier just doesn’t fit in that part of town. We often criticize our neighbours to the south but they would never erect an abomination within the midst of their hallowed ground in their capital city, the area in which the Washington monument, the Lincoln memorial, the capitol building, etc reside. In this instance we should take our lead from the Americans and show some pride in our history.


  2. Councillor Nussbaum is but one of a handful, at most, of people who populate the council chambers who is capable of communicating with the residents of Ottawa without a tone of condescension. Is it too late for him to consider taking a run at the mayor’s seat?


    1. Ron:

      I think he needs more experience in municipal affairs but I’m sure he’ll get there.

      It’s too bad he’s supported by that pompous fart journalist Andrew Cohen.




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