Chianello’s Tunnel Vision: Whopper Watch



This from Citizen columnist Joanne Chianello in her article of March 21:

Indeed, while there will be some who don’t approve of the new plan to run the train under the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway while expanding the riverside greenspace, many agree it’s by far the best option for the route presented so far.

Source for this statement: thin air.

The operative words in the Chianello quote are “some” and “many.” Some people might not approve of the plan but many agree with her.

So we guess here at The Bulldog that the readers of this website are some of the some.

The readership for this site, with only about 67,000 page views a week, has been overwhelmingly against putting light rail down the Macdonald Parkway … in a tunnel no less.

If you were to tunnel a stretch of light rail, you most certainly not put the tunnel down a park. You’d put it on the median of Carling Avenue (where thousands of people live and work) and underground where necessary.

Can’t anyone get this through their head … you don’t put light rail in a place where few people live.

The readership of this site for the most part tends to agree.

But Chianello in many of her columns tends to side with what Mayor Jim Watson and city staff supports.

That’s a rather odd position for someone who is supposed to be taking a critical look at city hall issues for the populace of Ottawa. Perhaps it’s the path of least resistance.

Now the readership of The Bulldog, some would admit, is uncharacteristic of many residents of Ottawa because Ottawans really don’t give a damn about the municipal politics. The apathy is overwhelming unless an issue strikes near home.

So readership of The Bulldog is unusual in that regard. These readers closely watch the machinations on Laurier Avenue.

Strangely, they give a damn.

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