Chiarelli’s Drink-Free New Year’s Blast Back




This could be Nepean’s biggest annual New Year’s event … Councillor Rick Chiarelli’s Alcohol-Free New Year’s Eve.

Yes Rockin’ Rick’s dry extravaganza just might out-do Pierre Poilievre’s Name-Calling Contest or the Jan Harder Toss as the premiere event in Nepean. No word if there will be a competition for fastest vinyl-sider at the fest.

Photo above: People taking in Rick Chiarelli’s Alcohol-Free New Year’s Eve.

This might even be bigger than the 2017 Jim Watson Sod-A-Thon to held around Canada Day, or as it’s known in municipal political circles, the weekend you cut the snow-plowing service.

Chiarelli’s press release is below. Just click on the highlighted type:




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5 thoughts on “Chiarelli’s Drink-Free New Year’s Blast Back

  1. Starting the event so many years ago showed creativity by Rick Chiarelli. It is unique and continues to grow. So unlike our Mayor who seems determined to mimic the feds, i.e. the Order of Ottawa and now a flame at city hall (paid by Enbridge for a year). We need more ‘creative’ and ‘unique’.

    1. Do we believe that the Watson Flame at city hall will be gone next January? Just as a point of reference, the Centennial Flame on the Hill was going to be a one-year thing and that was 50 years ago.

  2. Rick is to be commended for providing a terrific and safe evening year after year for families with children. Lots of us have very fond memories of spending New Year’s Eve at Centrepointe over the years and some of the kids from the first editions are now bringing their kids. I just hope it doesn’t become a victim of its own success and outgrow the site since that’s part of the charm.
    Other councillors could certainly take a page out of his book.

    1. I agree.

      It is astonishing how busy the councillor is this time of year when the rest of us (well no rest for The Bulldog) are relaxing.

      That’s a lot of preparation for the New Year’s Eve show.

      Good on ya, Rick.



    2. Let us hope that other councilors are taking heed.
      Even using OC Transpo, just checked the road closures for the Parliament Hill show and it would be a trek for the young ones. Local, easy to access is very attractive.


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