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Earlier this week The Bulldog had some advice for former Ottawa Senators’ great Daniel Alfredsson, put up or shut up on the Sens ownership. In it we put a re-imagined video from Junkie XL who morphed A Little Less Conversation and A Little More Action from Elvis into something very funky. My favourite video in this vein (pardon the self-indulgence) is Fatboy Slim with the incomparable Christopher Walken in Weapon of Choice. The results are below:



More conventional stuffMayor Jim Watson denied Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk money for the cleanup of LeBreton Flats polluted soil despite the fact that city policy says it will pay 50 per cent of those costs. Now Windmill Developments is asking for $60 million for rehabilitating its lands near Chaudiere Falls. Should Melnyk and Windmill receive that money? Well the National Capital Commission stepped in to cover those expected LeBreton costs for Melnyk. But it won’t do the same for Windmill. The city has a policy so honour it for both parties. But in the future should taxpayers cover half of pollution remediation on sites where developers are making huge profits? Maybe there was a time for it when development was slow, but not now. Honour commitments made, then close the program. Taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing developers in a good economy … The city is borrowing $80 million to build a library that is obsolete before construction has started. Maybe our three-year communications grad mayor has heard of the Internet, or not … The management of the Phoenix pay system project, as outlined recently by the federal auditor general, is mind-boggling. We have people making decisions on this system who were more concerned about how their moves would look rather than the most effective way of paying people. And this is how it turned out. Ah senior public servants, how do you look now? IBM recommended the best way to build Phoenix but the government didn’t listen. IBM has every reason to be furious … the Ottawa Citizen has endorsed Doug Ford and his Progressive Conservatives. Good grief. Did they miss the videos below? Look what he said about our colleagues … Who is the politician who keeps walking around town in public meetings telling people who to donate money to for their municipal campaigns? …






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2 thoughts on “Christopher Walken Makes Guest Shot In The Bulldog: Stuff

  1. Walken has scared the heck out of me ever since I saw him explain about the watch in Pulp Fiction. Great actor. I started my day with him flying – Thank you Ken.

    The guy in the other videos also scares the heck out of me. Try these out:
    “Make America great again”
    “We will have this economy booming”
    “Crooked Hillary”
    “NDP will be 10 times worse”
    “We’ll make the Mexicans pay for the wall”
    ” … a plan … by reducing your income tax by 20 per cent …”

    Can you see the similarities between the slogan politics of Trump and Ford? Hollow words.
    I can heard Trump saying, “Who knew fixing medicare could be so tough?” and I can hear Ford saying (someday), “Who knew running a province could be so tough?”

    “Be afraid, be very afraid.*

    I don’t mind being scared of an actor in a role but politicians acting in a role is entirely different.


  2. I’ve never seen Christopher Walken smile before watching this video. He looks like a different man.

    With regards to Doug Ford on Donald Trump, I agree with much of what he has to say, particularly with regards to the political elite. The Democratic party presented the first black president to the US and he was in office for 8 years. I think they felt they could also present the first female president to the American people but the strategy didn’t work for a number of reasons, some of which are noted by Doug Ford. The democrats had a candidate like Donald Trump in Bernie Sanders. I believe if he had run head-to-head versus Trump, he would likely be the current president of the United States. Many elections are won and lost by party strategists. The Democratic strategists are an excellent example of one who cost their party victory in an election.


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