Citizen Makes Mockery Of Father’s Day

The example below is probably the most ridiculous placement of an ad with a story your agent has seen in four decades.

And yes the man used a knife:



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3 thoughts on “Citizen Makes Mockery Of Father’s Day

  1. Ken,

    One of the late night talk show hosts would start the bit with, “You just can’t make this stuff up”. Then he would continue by showing newspaper headlines, ads, signs, etc.

    Even great comedians really can’t compete with a real life faux pas.



  2. Ken,
    Those who do the final layout, pay no attention to what is around the advertisement. Not unlike the fact that they present the same stories over and over again. with a multitude of typos.
    If you pay for a weekly subscription to a newspaper, as I do, you will be aware that the only difference on a weekend, is the columnists … the majority of ‘news’ is repeats from the week, yet, people wonder why subscriptions continue to diminish while the cost of the same increases.
    Print media is killing itself.


    1. I make typos too but they come because I can’t see. I get tired of holding the magnifying glass.

      In the old days a newspaper was an art form. Everything had to come together to paint a beautiful and interesting picture. There was the investigation into why the man bit the dog, there was the story, there may have been a photo and later the story might be updated if relevant info came along. And, oh yes, there were the proof readers, fact checkers and arguments about layout.



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