City Council Blows Off High-Rise Report Critics

You will recall all the discussion on The Bulldog about the lack of public input into the high-rise report.

Here’s how deputy mayor Mark Taylor and Ottawa City Council handled it. Don’t blink or you will miss it.

It’s on the video below between 16:49 and 16.53:



Because city staff and city councillors did their best to keep the contents of the high-rise report quiet, this news site has created The Bulldog City Council Broadcast Page.

It will list videos and audio recordings of city council, standing committees and other lesser committees.

This page has been created because the city has not announced that it is putting recordings on YouTube and the agendas and related documents do not point to the city’s YouTube page.

This might not prevent democratic travesties such as the high-rise and zoning report but it might make city hall, a very closed, exclusive and uncaring place, a bit more open.

Notice Mayor Jim Watson was not at the council meeting in the video above. Maybe the stench of the high-rise report drove him off.


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2 thoughts on “City Council Blows Off High-Rise Report Critics

  1. Rats. I missed it but I did hear some mumbling. Many of the people who read the Bulldog were around in the 60s & 70s and we’ve matured into responsible adults. During those decades people protested over what they felt were injustices in our society, particularly in the US. Protests have once again become en vogue in the past few years, eg. black lives matter, #metoo, etc. Although we’ve all heard and observed on many occasions “you can’t fight city hall”, perhaps it’s time to start fighting back against the sweet-talking people who will be begging for our votes in October and, at the very least, replace them with another group of sweet-talkers who will want us to vote for them 4 years from now. I also suggest everyone stop attending any event the current group hosts.


    1. Sisco,
      You can include me in the era of protests and for a while some things did start to change but then, somehow, we ended up in this age of …. I don’t know what to call it.

      Fewer than 40 per cent of Ottawans voted in the last municipal election and you ended up with a council that votes 100 per cent in favour of something that many of them neither read or understood.

      The two elections that are coming this year will be interesting, to say the least. What will voter turnouts be? I am interested to see how many people get their eyes off their ipads and cell phones and get their butts off the chesterfield. Democracy dies when people show that they don’t care enough to bother voting.


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