City Finds New Online Way To Snub Residents


The City of Ottawa has developed a new online public consultation service.

This way the city can ignore your input in a new, high-tech way.

Just check out this video:



Get a treat! Let the City of Ottawa humour you into thinking it really cares about you.



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2 thoughts on “City Finds New Online Way To Snub Residents

  1. I do like my pet but, I ain’t waiting for her to call me.
    Your civil servants await your calls.
    Phone calls to city hall get far more attention than emails; even good old fashioned paper mail can force them to respond.
    Does anyone remember the Duffy trial wherein nobody knew anything about anything because they said they did not read the email.

  2. Facts:

    #1..The seldom respond to e-mails.
    #2..You are blessed (apparently) if they respond to a phone call.
    #3..Now they can do it all again via a internet connect.
    #4..They do not respond to snail mail any more than they do with any other communication.
    How many more employee’s are we paying for this latest useless endeavour!
    Anne Marie


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