City Goes Hypocritical On Sens



The municipal government has dumped on Senators owner Eugene Melnyk in two major ways:

  1. The city turned down help to Melnyk for a Major League Soccer franchise and stadium which the Sens owner had in the bag;
  2. It denied Melnyk and his consortium a chance to bid on an OLG gambling franchise. In fact, Mayor Jim Watson released a document praising the amount of money coming from Rideau Raceway through gambling. The horse track got the OLG franchise without bidding which made Melnyk very angry.

But now it is playoff time so it is in Watson’s no-lose position to get behind the team despite the fact that the Sens owner must curse everytime he hears His Worship’s name.

Photo above: Watson takes the easy playoff position of supporting the Sens.

The hypocrisy on Watson’s part is awe-inspiring.

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The Stanley Cup Playoffs start tomorrow and the City of Ottawa wants hockey fans to stand up, make some noise and support their hometown team.

Ottawa Senators fans are invited to join Mayor Jim Watson, Councillor Jody Mitic, the City’s Sport Commissioner, Tom Anselmi, President of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, and SPARTACAT when they raise the Senators flag at City Hall tomorrow to cheer on the Sens in their quest for a Stanley Cup.

Date:  Wednesday, April 12

Time: 12:30 p.m.

Location: Nelson Mandela Square, Heritage Building, Elgin Street entrance
Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West

Elgin Street will once again be designated The Sens Mile.

Whether fans watch the games live, at home or in their local restaurant, the Mayor will issue a proclamation declaring the City of Ottawa is#ALLIN on the Senators’ playoff run.

Now we await the cheesy bet between the mayors of Ottawa and Boston. Start baking the Beavertails.

We also await the tricks of Watson when it comes time to approve the new home of the Senators on LeBreton Flats.


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11 thoughts on “City Goes Hypocritical On Sens

  1. Ottawa is not known for supporting sports. Fair weather fans are led by Jim Watson and his cadre of April flowers. They only come out in the spring. True fans are in the rink win or lose.

  2. I will preface my statement by saying that the Sens and hockey in general hold no interest to me as footie (aka the beautiful game) is what captures my interest both playing and viewing, but I honestly wish these cheesy bets would end. They are cringeworthy to watch. Lets be honest do we think that Mayor Jim Watson actually watches the playoffs? Not sure when he has the time as there are lots of seniors teas to attend.

    These bets bring out all the stereotypes that people have about various cities. Beavertails to be eaten, rivals shirts to be worn at a council meeting etc. etc. Repeat each year.

  3. I do not follow any sports but I just read your piece. The last time I watched a hockey game on TV was about 1960.

    Okay Ken, go Sens go. Gotta bet Ottawa over Boston.

    I will place a bet on the Sens to win the Cup. If they win, I will top-up my weekly donation to the local Salvation Army food-bank. If they lose, I’ll blame you.

    Now I have to lookup when the Stanley Cup is being played and at least be aware of how the series goes. :)


      1. Ooops.

        Just got off the phone with my bookie and he says I can’t bet on Sens winning the cup yet.

        Seems like things have changed a bit since 1960.

        There is a first Round, a second Round, a conference final and then the Stanley Cup final.

        I placed a bet for today’s game and told him to call me when the Sens get to the finals.

        What have you gotten me into? :)


      1. Kosmo:

        Tsk. Tsk. I’ll be using the wireless this evening and watching the moving pictures on my TV set with the sound turned down … courtesy of Bob Cole.

        Oh baby.



      2. Kosmo.
        It was indeed a TV ’cause there was moving picture and sound.
        I will admit that the rabbit-ears only provided a snowy black and white picture.

        Well, just read a recap of last night’s game and it sounds like dem damn Bruin bums robbed the Sens.
        Bruins getting the winning goal in the last couple of minutes of the 3rd must have been disappointing.
        Good luck to Ottawa. I’ll follow the series but no more bets until the finals.

        “It ain’t over til it’s over”, Yogi Berra

  4. The Boston mayor, stating “fear of a jinx”, will not bet. Not to be deprived of free PR, our mayor initiated a call and bet with the U.S. Embassy.

    That is our very own ‘jersey boy’ at work on behalf of Ottawa taxpayers.

  5. There’s more photo ops with the play-offs than for working with Eugene Melnyk to bring soccer here – how could you possibly be surprised which one Watson goes with?
    Kudos to the Boston mayor – maybe we can put a stop to this betting on the outcome. It has some relevance when it’s the Cup final you’re betting on but is overkill when it’s done at every level.
    Has Watson ever been spotted at a Sens game outside of the play-offs? I think someone needs to test him on his hockey knowledge. Can he name ten Sens players (Alfie doesn’t count)? Could he explain the game to somebody who’d never seen one?


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