City Hall Is Gouging You: Patton



Sounds like we might be over-paying a bit down at Ottawa City Hall? But then when did that ever happen?

One wonders if paying your fee at Ottawa City is like the video below.

Monty Python explains:



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3 thoughts on “City Hall Is Gouging You: Patton

  1. The solution is simple – Ottawa should sub out the work to Hamilton. Hamilton gets $15 and Ottawa gets a 20 per cent referral fee. Registering your house will now cost only $18.
    It’s a win-win.


  2. And not only are they over-charging us with the fees but once they have our money it’s not spend very wisely. Kind of makes you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of twice in every transaction.


  3. Several decades ago, Peter Trueman used to sign off his Global TV newscasts with a phrase to the effect of “That’s not news, but that too is reality”. Three plus decades later, nothing has changed.


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