City Hall: Journalists? What Journalists?



So now that journalist Sue Sherring is leaving the Postmedia conglomeration of the Sun and Citizen, exactly what do we have left for opinion on Ottawa City Hall?

For comment, the Citizen’s Kelly Egan sometimes touches on city hall. So too David Reevely a bit more often. Randy Denley once a week.

Metro and the CBC are still plugging away at city hall. CFRA and 1310 News offer some opinion.

But that’s about it. Now and then other outlets jump in and jump out. But in total, things are getting very thin on Laurier Avenue and that’s not good for democracy.

So it was with a fair amount of disgust that I heard the comments of Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch.

“The CBC doesn’t need to be reformed, it needs to be dismantled. Taxpayers should not have to subsidize the CBC to keep it afloat.”

Deep thinking there, Ms. Leitch. When the short strokes come, and it won’t be long, it’s likely just the CBC will survive.

So we take it that no news is better than the CBC in Ms. Leitch’s myopic world.

Where’s that liberal Donald Trump when we need him?

Let’s hope Ms. Leitch never gets her hands on any power.


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2 thoughts on “City Hall: Journalists? What Journalists?

  1. Bulldog is growling. How about a scenario where new websites spring up which are aimed at local politics. With advertising of course, as is the Bulldog. It may be as good as before or better, time will tell.

    As to the CBC, my view is that it is more and more is enmeshed in gender politics, and LGBTQ issues. It typically tends to support the Liberals, even when the Conservatives are in power. So I wouldn’t give them any more money. Going further, I think the CBC is not so much reflecting Canadian values as it is trying to change Canadian values. Leitch may be reflecting the views of many Canadians who are wondering about how and why immigration is taking place in Canada.

    You should realize that in this politically correct environment any open questioning of almost any thing gets one branded as racist, misogynist, or “redneck”. We may have our own silent group of Canadians who are intimidated by the politically correct culture and will only be heard at voting time.

    1. Robert:

      The problem is that starting a local politics website is not easy. This is something I know about.

      The biggest problem is that you must find readers. No readers, no advertising. No money.

      At present, there is no real replacement for traditional media … yet.

      That said, The Bulldog is trying before traditional media disappears.




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